Saturday, October 21, 2017

Pumpkin Spice Mudpie #CaturdayArt

Meows from Mudpie!

Last weekend I asked Mommy if she could carve my precious little face into a pumpkin and she said yes! I waited and waited for her to bring one of those strange orange balls home until I started to get worried she would run out of time for us to post the results as our Caturday Art project. Then last night she hopped onto LunaPic and announced she was done! Um, this isn't exactly what I was looking for, Mommy...

Do your humans have any hidden talents when it comes to pumpkin carving?

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And now our weekly answers (answered by Mommy) for the Friendly Fill-Ins challenge, hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy's Reader!

1. If I was a ghost, I would haunt my loved ones so we could still be together.

2. I always fall asleep when Mudpie gets on my lap. Now that it's a little chillier she's wanting to cuddle more and I'm getting extra nap time in! There's no need for sleeping pills when she's around.

3. My favorite scary story is The Tell-Tale Heart.

4. I will be so glad when Target comes to Vermont. I've lamented so many times that we're the only state without a Target, but that's about to change! News broke on Thursday that one is opening in the mall just a couple miles from our house next fall!!!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Mudpie Reviews Tiki Cat After Dark #ChewyInfluencer

Meows from Mudpie!

Last year I got to try Tiki Cat's Aloha Friends pouches and I enjoyed them because they were loaded with so much gravy. This month in my Chewy Influencer email I was excited to see another new Tiki Cat line called After Dark, promised to be high in moisture, and as you all know by now the only way this tortie eats wet food is if it's overflowing with watery gravy!

I received the variety pack which comes with two cans each of six different flavors, all chicken based (which is great because I know lots of my friends have sensitivities to fish): Chicken, Chicken & Quail, Chicken & Duck, Chicken & Lamb, Chicken & Beef, and Chicken & Pork. Once you figure out which flavors are your favorites each one also comes in individual cases of 12.

Key Benefits of Tiki Cat After Dark:
  • High-protein, low-carb recipes help boost energy, support the immune system and support overall health.
  • Biologically-appropriate nutrient profile mimics the natural prey of cats.
  • Added minerals and vitamins support a complete and balanced diet.
  • High-moisture recipes help supplement cats that don't drink enough water and helps maintain good urinary and digestive health.

So what did I think? I liked it, but I think I would've liked it more if it had come in a pouch. Mommy seems to think I'm crazy, but packaging matters to this kitty! For some reason I eat my wet food much better when it comes in a tray or a pouch then when it comes in a can. Is there some strange taste lingering in canned food that only my discriminating palate can detect? Who knows. (Now watch Mommy think she can outsmart me by putting canned food into a pouch before showing it to me. I'm on to you, Mommy!!!)

For kitties that aren't as picky as me and love food that's loaded with broth, Tiki Cat After Dark is purrfect for you. The can is full of broth so don't let your human tip the can when opening it or you might lose some of the yumminess!!!

The 12 can variety pack is available at for $19.33. Chewy offers FREE 1-2 day shipping for orders over $49, and with over 500 brands in stock they have something sure to make every cat or dog happy. Tell them Mudpie sent you!

Disclaimer: This food was sent to us for free by as part of their Blogger Outreach Program in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own and we never recommend a product we don’t fully believe in.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Mudpie Goes Psycho #TBT

Meows from Mudpie!

With Halloween right around the corner it won't be long before Mommy starts pulling out scary movies that are sure to make us hide under the covers. Her all-time favorite is Psycho (she's still in mourning that Bates Motel ended it's run) and she never fails to crack up whenever she looks at the recreation of the movie's famous shower scene that we did for Caturday Art a couple years ago. (And I can't believe what a scrawny kid I was back then!!!)

Don't worry, there were no crazy people with knives in the tub with me, but do you notice that I appear to be freaked out by something I'm looking at? I think Mommy may have been nakey at the time. (Tee hee...)

Speaking of Halloween movies, have you been following the fake movie posters our good friend Miss Cuddlywumps has been creating the past couple weeks? Cats of the Undead, Psycho Kitty, Zombie Cat, and they've all been turned into magnets and cards on Zazzle! We're purchasing each one as a 5x7 card and we're going to frame them as part of our Halloween decor!

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Review/Interview/Giveaway: Death Overdue by Allison Brook

Carrie Singleton is just about done with Clover Ridge, Connecticut until she's offered a job as the head of programs and events at the spooky local library, complete with its own librarian ghost. Her first major event is a program presented by a retired homicide detective, Al Buckley, who claims he knows who murdered Laura Foster, a much-loved part-time library aide who was bludgeoned to death fifteen years earlier. As he invites members of the audience to share stories about Laura, he suddenly keels over and dies.

The medical examiner reveals that poison is what did him in and Carrie feels responsible for having surged forward with the program despite pushback from her director. Driven by guilt, Carrie’s determined to discover who murdered the detective, convinced it’s the same man who killed Laura all those years ago. Luckily for Carrie, she has a friendly, knowledgeable ghost by her side. But as she questions the shadows surrounding Laura's case, disturbing secrets come to light and with each step Carrie takes, she gets closer to ending up like Al.

Our protagonist Carrie has been living with her aunt and uncle and working as a library assistant, but is just about ready to move on until she's offered the position of head of programs and events at the local library. A voice inside her tells her she should stay (and it's not what you think!) and she immediately gets to work lining up a detective to speak about the unsolved murder of a woman (who also worked at the library) in her home 15 years ago. He claims to have information that will solve the case once and for all, but he drops dead at the event before he's able to reveal the evidence contained on his iPad, which conveniently goes missing. Carrie blames herself for the man's death since she's the one who arranged the event, and she teams up with the son of the woman who died over a decade ago to solve both murders.

Carrie has additional help though, and that's where the fun comes in with the Haunted Library mystery series. The library’s resident ghost, Evelyn Havers, knew the original murder victim well and she's more than willing to lend her assistance from the afterlife since she has intimate knowledge of all the involved parties. Evelyn seems to have an interesting story herself, although it's not fully flushed out in Death Overdue. Her own death in the library parking lot seems rather suspicious to me. Carrie also has her hands full dealing with a jealous co-worker who wants her job (a fun character in spite of her vindictiveness!), a romantic triangle in the works, and a precious little kitten she has her heart set on turning into a library cat. The ongoing activities at the library during the Halloween setting is the icing on the cake in an already delightful debut.


Mudpie purred with excitement when I told her she could ask library cat Smokey Joe a pawful of questions. She hopes you enjoy the interview!

Welcome, Smoky Joe! Thank you so much for taking time to chat with me today. Could you start by telling us a little about yourselves and how you came to meet Carrie? 

I was born on a farm on the other side of the woods from Carrie’s cottage. My three siblings, my mother and I lived in the barn with cows and goats and other cats. Some of the cats were pretty ferocious and would fight with us kittens when our mother was out hunting mice. I decided to set out on my own. Early one morning, before the sun rose, I wandered through the woods and came upon a cottage. I was hungry, but there were no mice to be seen. I meowed, hoping a human would hear me and give me food. Finally Carrie appeared. She opened the door to her car. She was leaving! I was so hungry, I dashed into her car. She gave me a piece of something I’d never tasted before. It was delicious! When we finally stopped and she opened the car door, I ran out into what I later knew was the library parking lot. Of course I had no idea where I was, so I didn’t struggle when she picked me up and carried me into the library. I sniffed around as we entered the building and liked what I smelled. I was home!

Being a library cat must be so much fun! What's a typical day like for you? 

I absolutely LOOOOVE being a library cat. Every morning Carrie and I drive to the library from our cottage. The library is my second home. I’m free to go wherever I like. My favorite places are visiting the little kids in the children’s section and greeting people while they’re reading newspapers and magazines in the large reading room. Carrie has put up signs telling people not to feed me, but sometimes they do anyway. Lucky me!

Do you think any kitty could be a library cat or does it take a unique purrsonality? I can imagine it must be quite upsetting if a patron doesn't want you around.  

Being a library cat isn’t as easy as you’d think. First of all, you have to really like people the way I do. I enjoy being petted, watching a patron smile as I approach. Of course not everyone wants my attention. I’m able to sense when someone doesn’t want to be bothered. It doesn’t hurt my feelings. I tell myself the person’s allergic to animals. Or he or she prefers dogs. Though once I heard one Carrie’s friends say that not everyone likes cats.

Tell us about Death Overdue, the first Haunted Library mystery you star in. 

My mistress Carrie got her job as Head of Programs and Events at the Clover Ridge Library about a month before we met. At her first program, a detective announced to his audience that he’d finally solved a cold case. He was asking questions about the victim, a local woman had been murdered in her home fifteen years ago, when he died. Turns out he was poisoned. Carrie felt awful. Since the police weren’t getting very far, she and the cold case victim’s younger son decided to solve the two murders. Carrie got some help from the library ghost, and she also had to spend time with the first victim’s family, which she didn’t always enjoy. But she discovered the murderer in the end.

Have you had any ghostly encounters yet? You're just a baby...was it scary? 

I have not had any ghostly encounters and hope I never will. Carrie and her little cousin are the only people who can see Evelyn, the library ghost. I can’t see Evelyn but I know when she’s close by. She gives off this creepy, icy feeling that makes me hiss and jump around. I wish Evelyn would keep far away from Carrie.

Can you give us any clues as to what's next for you and Carrie? 

In the next book, READ AND GONE, Carrie’s father comes to stay with us. Carrie’s not happy about this because he wants her to do something illegal—which of course she won’t. A bag of gems is missing, and everyone’s trying to find them as people are being murdered. I’m proud to say I play a big part in READ AND GONE.

About the author: Allison Brook is the pseudonym for Marilyn Levinson, who writes mysteries, romantic suspense and novels for kids. She lives on Long Island and enjoys traveling, reading, watching foreign films, doing Sudoku and dining out. She especially loves to visit with her grandchildren on FaceTime.

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Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review. As members of the Amazon Associates affiliate program, if you click on our links and buy something Mudpie gets a little money for her piggy bank!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Pet Wellness Month Roundup

When I was a little girl my dream was to grow up to be a veterinarian. That all changed when I watched Patch, my best friend and companion of the first 14 years of my life die of a brain tumor. I came to the conclusion that I could never deal with sick, dying animals on a daily basis...even if the good moments of making a difference in the lives of people and their beloved pets far outweighed the bad.

Looking back now I wish I'd followed my heart instead of my head. The cats I've loved since Patch have taught me so much, especially Tara. Her two year journey with diabetes and heart disease helped to form such a deep bond between us, and the things I had to do for her, from insulin shots to glucose testing and curves to keeping track of a half dozen meds per day, made me realize I'm much stronger than I originally gave myself credit for.

Sometimes I feel like I've gained enough first hand knowledge through the years to be a vet tech, and anything I (thankfully) haven't experienced personally I enjoy researching in order to write our medical posts. It's a sad fact that cats do not receive the same vet care that dogs do, so that makes it all the more important for us pet bloggers to get helpful information out there to cat parents. We certainly can't take the place of veterinary professionals, but we can help people know what to be on the lookout for and about the importance of regular wellness visits for our fur babies.

In honor of Pet Wellness Month, here's a roundup of some of our favorite health-related posts:

Mudpie's Vaccination Scare...and What We'll Do Differently Next Time Mudpie's most recent wellness exam was anything but routine because it left me with 6 weeks of worry thanks to a lump that popped up at her rabies vaccine site.

D-Mannose & Your Cat's Urinary Tract Health So many cats suffer from urinary tract infections, and Tara had her fair share as a result of feline diabetes. That came to an end once I started adding D-Mannose to her wet food each day!

4 Invaluable Resources for Managing Feline Diabetes When a cat is diagnosed with diabetes there is so much to learn it can feel overwhelming. This post outlines the resources I found most useful while I was caring for Tara.

VitusVet App Provides Peace of Mind Many of us know all too well the stress of being in the emergency room with your pet late at night with no access to their medical records. This app allows you to carry their entire medical history right on your phone. Planning on travelling with your pet over the holidays? Download it today!

New Diagnostic Test Holds Promise for Feline Asthma Patients Just by listening to her lungs and an x-ray to confirm, Mudpie's asthma was diagnosed very easily, but some cats aren't as lucky. A new test similar to a human breathalyzer has the potential to help vets identify and treat asthma in cats earlier - potentially meaning fewer acute asthmatic attacks and improved lung health for cats in the long term.

Time for Your Cat's Wellness Visit? #AskYourVet About Kidney Disease Screening 20 years ago I lost a cat to kidney disease in just 4 short months because the diagnosis came to late. Now there's a test that can screen for chronic kidney disease to help detect this serious disease months to years earlier, when there is still time to do something about it!

One of our greatest responsibilities as pet parents is keeping our cats healthy and happy.

Be observant - visit your vet regularly - and love them to pieces each and every day!