Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Reading

With Hurricane Irene bearing down on Vermont this weekend I tried to ease my mind with a little reading :)

The cunningly audacious Lady Lucinda Davenport is by no means a conventional woman. Smart and fiercely determined, she’s more comfortable adding numbers than she’ll ever be socializing with highfalutin members of the ton. When desperate straits force her into action to save her home and lands, she finds herself faced with only one option. Summoning every ounce of her courage, she sets in motion a wild and raunchy scheme that would set the ton on fire if they ever caught wind of her actions.

Lucien Brandford, fourth Duke of Carlsborough, is a dangerous man. Wealthy beyond imagination and handsome to a fault, the Duke is sought after by nearly every woman of the ton. Single, widowed, or married, ladies vie for his attention with cutthroat precision. But the Duke has no tolerance for the machinations of his title and fortune-hungry peers. He seeks his pleasure from women who require no commitment.

That attitude ensnares the Duke in Lady Lucinda’s plan. Caught unawares, Lucien finds himself at the mercy of a bold and luscious woman whom he cannot decide if he wants to strangle or bed.

The sensual dance that follows between captor and captive as they engage in a volatile battle for control, culminates in a seismic eruption—both psychological and sensual. As tempers flare and sparks fly, an intense and erotic interlude of passion ensues.

The temperamental lovers soon discover what all the world knows: that in order to possess the love of a lifetime, they must submit to one another to conquer their own Desperate Desires.

Sensually spiced with a heavy dose of passion, this romantic bestseller comes complete with a memorable cast of characters. You won’t want to put this one down!

Very good erotic historical...I think steam started coming out of my Kindle with this one!

The national bestselling author of the Orchard Mysteries presents this short prequel that started Meg Corey's mysterious adventures on the apple orchard in the small town of Granford, Massachusetts.

Out of a job and living alone in a drafty Colonial house, Meg Corey is supposed
to be fixing the house up to sell, but now she's got the flu and she's freezing and she feels very sorry for herself. Then Deborah Warren shows up to distract her—but is Deborah a ghost, or just the product of Meg's feverish imagination?

Choosing to believe that Deborah really is a ghost, Meg sets out to discover the truth of why she's been around for 200 years when all she wants is to go home.
Loved this short story prequel to one of my favorite cozy series.

Was it a curse, a vengeful ghost, or murder? Or was it all three?

When their friend Oren died from a fall from his horse, range detectives Mick and Casey are sorry to hear it, but not surprised. Oren was prone to carelessness.

But Oren was only the most recent of many similar deaths on that same spot on the same trail, and it seems clear the first to die there was murdered. Were all those other deaths just accidents or is there something more to what the locals call the Curse of Scattershale Gulch?

About the series: Mick and Casey McKee aren't exactly your average gunslingers. He's young and inexperienced, and has much too sunny a disposition for a gunman. She's younger, meaner, less experienced, but a much better shot. They got married the day they met, and now they're courting as they solve the mysteries of life around them.

A cozy western whodunnit...what could be more perfect for me???

Friday, August 26, 2011

Kindle Purchases

This is what I've One Click shopped for this week:

Murder at Lost Dog Lake-Vicki Delany
Double Dipping-Marilyn Brant
Gone South (Butterscotch Jones Mystery)-Melanie Jackson
Water for Elephants-Sara Gruen ($2.99!!!)
Klondike Fever-Kate Bridges
Kate Bridges Mounties Bundle (7 books for under$10!)
Adventures of Cash Laramie and Gideon Miles-Edward A. Grainger
Pekingese Premonition-Jacqueline Vick
How to Dump Your Boyfriend in the Men's Room-Sibel Hodge (free!)
Tales from the Barkside
Bad to the Bone-Bo Hoefinger

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm Just Sayin'!

April 1 and September 18, 2009 were 2 of the hardest days of my life...the day I learned that my beloved Guiding Light was cancelled and the day it aired it's last show. To a non-soap fan, that may sound crazy, but to me, these characters were in my home everyday of my life. They were like family to me. I practically watched this show from the mom listened to it on radio!!! Everyday after school we watched it together, a memory I will always cherish. Nearly 2 years later I still feel the loss. That 3pm hour each day seems empty.

This fantastic memoir by the show's ultimate star Kim Zimmer, aka Reva Shayne the Slut of Springfield, brought back soooo many memories. It was fascinating to go behind the scenes with the actors I loved so much, the actors she got to work with everyday. And it was incredibly eyeopening to read her opinions on what was basically the murder of a 72 year institution. This is must reading for any fan of daytime, because unfortunately the daytime drama is is in it's final days. All of the shows will be gone soon, and a way to revive them needs to be found, either via the Internet or cable.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Author Swag

OK can I just say how much I *love* author swag??? Yesterday in my mailbox was a package from one of my *favorite* western historical authors Beth Williamson/Emma Lang. She's the author of the Devils on Horseback and Malloy Family series, as well as many other amazing westerns. In the package were postcards, bookmarks, romance trading cards, and pen, and the *cutest* purple Koozie you ever saw!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saints and Sinners

Prim Eliza Hargreaves lives with the knowledge that her father is a swindler who possibly murdered the last 2 widows he married. When he marries #3 and disaster strikes, Eliza is on her own, employment at the Mockingbird Saloon her only option. She turns to cantina owner Joaquin Pereira to give her one perfect, gentle night, which he agrees to as amends for his past failure to protect a childhood friend. The next day Madam Jolie deems Eliza not ready and asks Joaquin to "train" Eliza for 30 days. 30 days to convince Eliza that she belongs with him...

This is the first book in the Lone Gulch series set in 1870s Arizona Territory. Apparently many more novellas are forthcoming, each focusing on a different member of the town. I'm certainly looking forward to more, as Tatiana March has created a perfect Old West town with many colorful characters. I particularly can't wait for Madam Jolie's story.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Quincy's Woman

Following the Civil War, Lucy McKenna and her travel west to Eclipse, Texas, to persue Lucy's father's dream of breeding wild mustangs with Morgan stock. He seeks advice from rancher Ambrose Quince, who is instantly smitten by Lucy. As he carries on a one-sided courtship, all Lucy wants is to return to Boston and civilization. But when tragedy strikes, Ambrose steps in and offers to marry Lucy. Forced now to live on brutal land she never wanted to visit in the first place, she ends up falling in love with her husband while facing the frustrations and hardships of ranch life, recording it all in her journal.

This is an absolutely beautiful love story, just the right blend of romance and passion. I can't wait for the next chapter of Lucy and her Quincy's saga in the next Eclipse Heat book, Perfect Strangers, coming out this fall.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Latest Kindle Purchases

Here are the books I've downloaded to my Kindle the last couple weeks...

Give First Place to Murder-Kathleen Delaney
Progressive Dinner Deadly-Elizabeth Spann Craig
Lip Glock-DD Scott
Cold Day for Murder-Dana Stabenow (free)
Doggone Accomplice-Chelsea Graydon
The Marriage Murders-Bobbye Terry

Western Historicals:
The Dove-Kristy McCaffrey
Jade-Ruth Langan
Renegade-Rebecca Goings
Saints and Sinners-Tatiana March
Cherished-Jill Gregory
High Country Bride/Shotgun Bride/Secondhand Bride-Linda Lael Miller

What about you? What have you been downloading lately?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pleating for Mercy

This book is the first in Melissa Bourbon's Magical Dressmaking series. Harlow Cassidy returns home to Bliss, Texas after inheriting her great grandmother's farmhouse, which she turns into her dressmaking shop Buttons and Bows. Her first client is childhood friend Josie, who hires Harlow to design the dresses for her and her bridesmaids for the wedding of the year. Things take a bad turn when one of the bridesmaids is found dead in Harlow's bluebonnet patch, strangled by cording.

This is such a "charming" story!!! I absolutely adore the relationship between Harlow, her mother, and her goat whisperer Nana (love Thelma Louise!)...unique ladies who embrace their individual charms bestowed upon them by legendary outlaw Butch Cassidy. I just love how the legend of Butch is used in the story.

This is without a doubt a 5 paw read, and I can't wait for the next book in the series, due in February 2012, A Fitting End.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Reading Thus Far

This is a list of the books/novellas I've read so far this summer along with my rating. In the future I'll be writing about each book individually, along with my 5 paw scale :)

Carpe Bead 'Em-Tonya Kappes (5/5)
Don't Poke the Bear!-John Locke (5/5)
For the Sake of Sin-Suzie Grant (5/5)
A Courtesan's Guide to Getting Your Man-Celeste Bradley & Susan Donovan (5/5)
To Sketch a Thief-Sharon Pape (5/5)
Finger Lickin' Dead-Riley Adams (4/5)
The Ladybug Jinx-Tonya Kappes (5/5)
A Parfait Murder-Wendy Lyn Watson (5/5)
Tangled Past-Leah Braemel (4/5)
Lessons in Indiscretion-Karen Erickson (5/5)
Sentenced to Death-Lorna Barrett (5/5)
Lucille's Lawman-Beth Williamson (5/5)
Undeniable-Jenna Petersen (5/5)
Skirting the Grave-Annette Blair (4/5)
Books Can Be Deceiving-Jenn McKinlay (5/5)
A Killing in Antiques-Mary Moody (3/5)
Tumbleweeds-Chastity Bush (5/5)
Emma the Outlaw-Laura Hogg (4/5)
Pie a la Murder-Melinda Wells (5/5)
The Outlaw Takes a Madam-Angela Claire (5/5)
Texas Passion-Anita Philmar (4/5)
Tempest in the Tea Leaves-Kari Lee Townsend (4/5)
A Sheetcake Named Desire-Jacklyn Brady (4/5) Kappes (5/5)

A Little About Me & My Blog

This is my very first blog, and of course it will be primarily a book blog. Reading is my #1 passion in life. My favorite genre is cozy mysteries, followed very closely by western historical romances. I also enjoy historical romance in general (the steamier the better!), paranormal books, and nonfiction animal stories. I got my Kindle a year ago and have become obsessed with downloading books. I will be posting synopses and reviews of books as I read them.

My other passion in life is animals. My lovely tortie Tara was adopted from the shelter 4 years ago. She's now 11 and was recently diagnosed as diabetic. She's my sugar kitty. I give her insulin shots twice a day and so far she's doing very well. It was a big adjustment for both of us, but we're together and that's all that matters. I'm sure this blog will also contain many photos of my very photogenic little fur baby.

I'm also a huge NASCAR fan, with Kevin Harvick being my favorite driver. I'm a lifelong Vermonter, and love winter...the perfect excuse to stay inside with a good book and a favorite drink!