Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Reading Thus Far

This is a list of the books/novellas I've read so far this summer along with my rating. In the future I'll be writing about each book individually, along with my 5 paw scale :)

Carpe Bead 'Em-Tonya Kappes (5/5)
Don't Poke the Bear!-John Locke (5/5)
For the Sake of Sin-Suzie Grant (5/5)
A Courtesan's Guide to Getting Your Man-Celeste Bradley & Susan Donovan (5/5)
To Sketch a Thief-Sharon Pape (5/5)
Finger Lickin' Dead-Riley Adams (4/5)
The Ladybug Jinx-Tonya Kappes (5/5)
A Parfait Murder-Wendy Lyn Watson (5/5)
Tangled Past-Leah Braemel (4/5)
Lessons in Indiscretion-Karen Erickson (5/5)
Sentenced to Death-Lorna Barrett (5/5)
Lucille's Lawman-Beth Williamson (5/5)
Undeniable-Jenna Petersen (5/5)
Skirting the Grave-Annette Blair (4/5)
Books Can Be Deceiving-Jenn McKinlay (5/5)
A Killing in Antiques-Mary Moody (3/5)
Tumbleweeds-Chastity Bush (5/5)
Emma the Outlaw-Laura Hogg (4/5)
Pie a la Murder-Melinda Wells (5/5)
The Outlaw Takes a Madam-Angela Claire (5/5)
Texas Passion-Anita Philmar (4/5)
Tempest in the Tea Leaves-Kari Lee Townsend (4/5)
A Sheetcake Named Desire-Jacklyn Brady (4/5) Kappes (5/5)

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Dru said...

I read 10 of the books on your list. Need to find time to read Tonya's book.