Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saints and Sinners

Prim Eliza Hargreaves lives with the knowledge that her father is a swindler who possibly murdered the last 2 widows he married. When he marries #3 and disaster strikes, Eliza is on her own, employment at the Mockingbird Saloon her only option. She turns to cantina owner Joaquin Pereira to give her one perfect, gentle night, which he agrees to as amends for his past failure to protect a childhood friend. The next day Madam Jolie deems Eliza not ready and asks Joaquin to "train" Eliza for 30 days. 30 days to convince Eliza that she belongs with him...

This is the first book in the Lone Gulch series set in 1870s Arizona Territory. Apparently many more novellas are forthcoming, each focusing on a different member of the town. I'm certainly looking forward to more, as Tatiana March has created a perfect Old West town with many colorful characters. I particularly can't wait for Madam Jolie's story.

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