Friday, August 19, 2011

Quincy's Woman

Following the Civil War, Lucy McKenna and her travel west to Eclipse, Texas, to persue Lucy's father's dream of breeding wild mustangs with Morgan stock. He seeks advice from rancher Ambrose Quince, who is instantly smitten by Lucy. As he carries on a one-sided courtship, all Lucy wants is to return to Boston and civilization. But when tragedy strikes, Ambrose steps in and offers to marry Lucy. Forced now to live on brutal land she never wanted to visit in the first place, she ends up falling in love with her husband while facing the frustrations and hardships of ranch life, recording it all in her journal.

This is an absolutely beautiful love story, just the right blend of romance and passion. I can't wait for the next chapter of Lucy and her Quincy's saga in the next Eclipse Heat book, Perfect Strangers, coming out this fall.

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Anonymous said...

I'm like the old Lucy ... get me back to Boston. This wonderful story line reminds me of when I was driving from Florida to San Francisco in a broken down old VW with two rabbits and a guinea pig. I read "The Grapes of Wrath" along the way to remind me that my life wasn't so hard.