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Elaine Faber said...

In answer to your above questions. Yes, yes and yes, and an extra YES. I have a book, Black Cat's Legacy which I'd love for you to review. To be out next month, this CAT mystery stars a new cat sleuth. Thumper, the tuxedo cat with polydactyl toes, and with the help of his ancestors memories, must help solve a murder. I would love to guest blog with you or share a blog post exchange and...wait for it...I have a short-haired tortoiseshell cat named TRUFFLES. (We call her Truffie). would love to hear more about your blog site, and will consider advertising on your site. In any event, let;s talk.

Ann Purser said...

Lois Meade, feisty amateur sleuth, dares to say she prefers dogs to cats, and has a small white terrier named Jemima. Not sure if this is supposed to be solely for cats, but the latest in Lois`s mysteries will grab attention for her catlike cunning. A number of cats have crossed Jemima`s path and never been seen again, but rumours of a cat pen are unfounded.. Scandal at Six is the latest adventure, involving a zoo full of rare animals, mostly illegally imported into Great Britain. There is murder and mayhem, and twists in the plot that would win in a competition between these characters and a kitten with a ball of knitting wool!

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