Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm Just Sayin'!

April 1 and September 18, 2009 were 2 of the hardest days of my life...the day I learned that my beloved Guiding Light was cancelled and the day it aired it's last show. To a non-soap fan, that may sound crazy, but to me, these characters were in my home everyday of my life. They were like family to me. I practically watched this show from the mom listened to it on radio!!! Everyday after school we watched it together, a memory I will always cherish. Nearly 2 years later I still feel the loss. That 3pm hour each day seems empty.

This fantastic memoir by the show's ultimate star Kim Zimmer, aka Reva Shayne the Slut of Springfield, brought back soooo many memories. It was fascinating to go behind the scenes with the actors I loved so much, the actors she got to work with everyday. And it was incredibly eyeopening to read her opinions on what was basically the murder of a 72 year institution. This is must reading for any fan of daytime, because unfortunately the daytime drama is is in it's final days. All of the shows will be gone soon, and a way to revive them needs to be found, either via the Internet or cable.


Anonymous said...

I hadn't watched it in many years, but I was so sad when they cancelled "As The World Turns" (or As the Stomach Turns as I used to call it). I will always miss Lucinda.

Dru said...

I use to watch this show, but I always remembered Kim Zimmer.