Saturday, July 15, 2017

Caturday Art

Meows from Mudpie!

Today for my Caturday Art I tried using the Creamsicle effect in Dreamscope. Mommy thought it might be better suited to orange kitties but I wanted to give it a try anyways. I'm so glad I didn't listen to her because I think it looks super cool! It kind of has a steampunk look to it...

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And now our weekly answers (answered by Mommy) for the Friendly Fill-Ins challenge, hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy's Reader!

1. My inner child still loves stuffed animals.

2. My favorite month(s) are September through December. I cheated a little and couldn't pick just one. I live for the months surrounding Halloween and Christmas. The rest of the year I merely exist.

3. My favorite commercial is PetSmart's "The Perfect Toy", because it made me fall hopelessly in love with dachshunds. It came out about 10 years ago and it still makes me cry every time I watch it. Sometimes I feel like my love for animals have turned me into an emotional basket case.

4. Personally, I don’t care for any water-related activities. I've never been to a beach or even gone swimming. Occasionally I take the ferry across Lake Champlain into New York. If it ever goes down I guess I'll just drown!


  1. Mudpie,
    Your art is gorgeous. Happy Caturday!
    Zoe and Raja from

  2. That effect turned out really cool, which just shows you know best, Mudpie!

  3. That is really cool, Mudpie! It does have sort of a steampunk look to it. I remember that Perfect Toy commercial--it used to make me tear up too. :)

  4. What a beautiful masterpiece, Mudpie! I love the colors. I also love the idea of steampunk, and I agree that this reminds me of it. And I completely agree with all of your fill-ins! I love all things Autumn and Christmas as well, and so September through December are the best of the best. And I remember when that commercial first came out and how it made me want to happy cry. It's so cute!

  5. I love the art, it is a mix of stained glass and steampunk :) Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I only picked one month, but I agree with you completely on #1. I have a lot of stuffed animals too :) That commercial is adorable, I love how he has to pick the dog up to ring up the purchase. I also agree with your #4, as a child I went to the beach and swimming, but now I hate the beach. Have a great weekend!

  6. I love the art today! Beautifully done!
    I still like stuffed animals, too. I have one that I bought when I was 20 to put in my first car. I have had it in every car I ever owned, including my current Focus. It is a small woodchuck named Denver. I remember that commercial and love it, too. HUGS!

  7. Your art is amazing and my mum hates water and beach activities too, and she loves those months too.

    Purrs xx

  8. LOVE your artwork! I think it works perfectly! I am with you about the time of year that is your favorite, but my favorite month is October. OMG I LOVE the water! I used to be on a swim team and I used to be a lifeguard and I taught swimming. If I would ever lose weight, I would LOVE to get back in a pool. I refuse to put a bathing suit on with the size that I am. catchatwithcarenandcody

  9. I think you're right, MP. That art looks fab. TW loves creamsicles.

  10. You really should print some of these and hang them as wall art. They're fabulous!

  11. This is really an interesting effect, Mudpie.

  12. Well, then, I hope that ferry never goes down! I am not one for water sports either. I almost drowned when I was a young girl. It was very scary for both me and my mama. Thankfully my cousin was able to save me. It isn't something I wish to repeat and staying out of pools, lakes, and oceans seems a good way to avoid it to me. :)

    That is a great Caturday Art cool!

    Have a blessed evening.

  13. Love the artwork, Mudpie. The commercial is very cute. Granny loves stuffed animals too. She still has a basket full of them, but the eldest don't have any stuff on them wasn't me😸😸Pawkisses for a Happy Day😘❤😻