Tuesday, April 3, 2012

First Tuesday-April 2012

Fans of cozy mysteries look forward to the First Tuesday of each month, for that is the date of new releases. This month brings us an exciting blend of new series and returning favorites. In case you missed any, here is a list of the new books I received in the mail and on my Kindle today. Did you miss any?

*Home for a Spell-Madelyn Alt
*50% Off Murder-Josie Belle
*A Killer Read-Erika Chase
*Scarlet Pepper-Dorothy St James
*Hounds Abound-Linda O Johnston
*Reap What You Sew-Elizabeth Lynn Casey
*Dread on Arrival-Claudia Bishop
*The Cat, the Wife, and the Weapon-Leann Sweeney
*Long Stitch Goodnight-Amanda Lee
*Let Them Eat Stake-Sarah Zettel

And last but not least, an ebook exclusive I'm very excited about because of my love for Little House on the Prairie, Don't Trade the Baby for a Horse: And Other Ways to Make Your Life a Little More Laura Ingalls Wilder by Wendy McClure.

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Melissa Palmer said...

On my Kindle today were: A Killer Read; The Cat, the Wife and the Weapon; Let them Eat Stake and 50% Off Murder.