Friday, October 26, 2012

Tara Interviews Playing with Poison's Snowflake the Cat

Hey everybody, it's Tara back with another interview with a fantastic fictional feline! Today I'm chatting with Snowflake, star of Cindy Blackburn's fun new Cue Ball Mystery series. The second book in the series, Double Shot, was released earlier this month. Mommy and I have it on our Kindle thingy, and I think we'll be reading and reviewing it here soon!

Thank you so much for joining me today Snowflake!!!

1) Snowflake, how did you come to live with Jessie?

I adopted her at the animal shelter. I was just a kitten when Jessie visited me and all the other kittens. Jessie and me? We bonded right away, and I wouldn't let any of the other kittens anywhere near her lap. Jessie got the hint and held me up for the shelter lady to see. "I'd like to adopt this beautiful little white one," Jessie said to her. Isn't that cute? Jessie thought she was adopting me! It was totally the other way around!
2) What is your day typically like?

My days are very jam-packed full of activity! A little napping, a little playing, a little eating, a little grooming... If it's not one thing, it's another! I'm a very well-rounded cat, but the thing I do best is supervise people. Jessie takes quite a bit of supervision. I keep one eye on her most all the time. And my favorite windowsill for napping, is also a great people-watching post. Those silly people down on the street below our condo probably don't even realize how closely I'm monitoring their every move.

3) I would love it if my Mommy had a job where she could work from home. You must love having Jessie home with you writing all day, able to cater to your every whim!

Bless her heart, she is amusing! Jessie can get a bit distracted though, especially when she's working on a particularly tricky passage in one of her romance novels. That's where I come in--she'll look over at me on my windowsill and ask my opinion. I blink approval or disapproval at her turn of phrase, she thanks me for my input, and turns back to her computer. But Jessie and me aren't all work and no play. She usually quits writing at midday. She feeds me and we play with the jingle-bell ball until I get drowsy again. Then it's time for my afternoon nap. Jessie understands.

4) I don't want to post any spoilers for anyone who hasn't read Playing with Poison, but you had a really scary time at the end of the book...are you ok now? I sure hope Jessie pampered you rotten after that!!!

It was a most trying experience, indeed, and I thank you for your concern. But all's well that ends well. Jessie and me? We like happy endings.
5) If your Mom and Captain Rye start spending more time together, how do you think you're going to feel about the 2 kitties in his life?

This interview is going so well, I suggest we not spoil it with mention of those other cats. I do not like sharing my jingle-bell ball.
6) Lastly, can you tell me a few of your favorite things:
Soft blanket on the couch or sunny window?
Sunny window, paws down! Although the foot of Jessie's bed is rather pleasant also.
Neck scratches or tummy rubs?
Under the chin. Soft strokes, please. Gets me purring every time. I do not like getting my tummy rubbed--I'm ticklish.

Wet food or dry?
Jessie feeds me both. My favorite flavor is fish. Fish-anything. Wet, dry. It doesn't matter as long as it's fish!

Catnip mouse or laser light?
I have mentioned my beloved jingle-bell balls, have I not? I love chasing those all over the wood floors of our condo. But the laser light, not so much. I get distracted watching Jessie's hand that's holding it and forget to chase the light beam! Cat nip is iffy. Sometimes it just does things to me, you know what I'm saying? But other days it does nothing for me. I'm a rather moody cat.

Oh, and my other favorite thing, which you didn't ask about, is my lovely pristine white coat. I pride myself on my pristine white coat. It take much, much grooming on my part, but it is well-worth the effort.

Thanks so much Tara! This interview was supurrrb!

Want to see more of Snowflake? You can read about her in the first book in the Cue Ball Mysteries series: Playing with Poison on Amazon.