Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blog the Change for Animals: Gwen Cooper's Love Saves the Day


Blog the Change

I hope it's ok to have two Blog the Change posts today, but this wonderful announcement came to my attention after I'd already prepared my first post. You know Homer the Blind Wonder Cat, right? Well his mom, Gwen Cooper, has a new book out today, Love Saves the Day. First week sales are extra-important to authors, so for this reason she's hosting a contest: anyone who purchases Love Saves the Day during the first week it goes on sale is eligible to enter - the winner gets an in-person visit from Gwen plus $500 donated to the animal-related charity of their choice. Second prize is a portrait of your pet by animal artist Sue Hains. I already have my copy!!!


Pup Fan said...

Two entries? You're quite the overachiever!

Kidding... I think it's great that you stumbled across another cause to share with us today. I love a contest that helps animals too!

Team BtC4A

KimT said...

This is awesome, so glad you added it to the hop! Wishing the best for this wonderful author, and happy times for the charity that wins the donation.

Thank you for blogging the change for animals!
Kim Thomas
Team BtC4A

Unknown said...

You get a gold star for having two Blog the Change posts! It's great that Gwen is celebrating her book launch with a contest that benefits animal-related charities. Thanks for sharing!

Vicki Cook
Team BTC4A