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Deadly Policy Book Tour: An Email from Millie Morrow, by Mitzi Kelly


Hello there. My name is Mitzi Kelly and I’m the author of the Silver Sleuths Mystery Series. Recently, I received an e-mail from Millie Morrow, the oldest in the trio of amateur sleuths comprising the main characters in the series. It seems Millie is having some issues with the way I’m developing her, and, even though she is going to be upset with me, I thought I’d share her thoughts to see if my readers agree with her. 

Dear Mitzi, 

Since you refuse to answer your cell phone, I am forced to contact you via e-mail. I’ll have you know that I’m using my computer—the one you so glibly suggested in Deadly Policy that I wouldn’t have the technological savvy to use. (Impressed you with my ability to use the italics button, didn’t I?) 

And that brings me to the crux of the problem. I may be eighty-two-years old, but I’m not dead, yet!  I’ve been looking back over some of my scenes in The Silver Sleuths Mystery Series and it appears to me that you go out of your way to highlight my age at every opportunity. For example, what’s so unusual about an older woman having a shotgun for protection? You make it sound like it is some big deal. And anybody could have mistaken that can of bug spray for hair spray, regardless of their age. 

Another thing that has my bloomers in a wad is the fact that you refuse to let me drive. Have I been in a wreck? No! Have I run over anybody? No! Still, you purposely have Trish and Edna do all the driving. It’s not fair and I resent the implication that I’m a terror on the road. 

You also seem to have a problem with the way I communicate with our chief of police, Henry Espinoza. What would you have me do? Tip-toe up to the man and bow before I beg him to listen to me? The man’s a dingbat and he’s not going to take any of us seriously if I don’t knock some sense into him every once in a while. Don’t you remember that in Classic Revenge he said that we were interfering? The nerve of the man! Especially when we were the ones who figured out who murdered Susan. 

I hate to go on and on, but I just don’t think I’m getting the respect I deserve. You must have forgotten that I’m the one who single-handedly saved Trish’s and Edna’s backsides in the first two books in the series. Why, we could all be dead if it wasn’t for me! And you made it seem like such a unique situation because of my age. I’ll have you know I’m plenty able to take care of myself and my friends, as you’ll soon find out in the third book. 

I think you’ve got this all backwards, Mitzi. I’m a strong, independent, attractive and vivacious woman who happens to be in her eighties, not an eighty-year-old woman who happens to be strong, independent, attractive and vivacious. See? It’s all in the placement of the adjectives. 

I hope you take my comments seriously and make some changes in future adventures. If not, I can’t promise you that I’m going to behave. If you think I’ve been a little eccentric so far, you haven’t seen anything yet! 

I have to get back to work now. Our third book is coming to an end and I think that strange man who sat beside us at the restaurant may be the one who killed the stockbroker. I have a feeling I’m going to have my hands full getting Trish and Edna to investigate him. But, don’t worry, because of my age I’ll convince them to listen to me.

I would appreciate it if you would place this letter in my employment folder. I hope I won’t have to remind you of my complaints, but as my author, you can be as hard-headed as me! 

Warm regards, 

Millie Morrow 

Do you see, my dear readers, what I have to put up with? I hope I’ve garnered the appropriate sympathy for how difficult it is to control a character like Millie. When she described herself as “strong, independent, attractive and vivacious, I wanted to insert stubborn, obnoxious and eccentric, but that would only give her something else to complain about. 

I haven’t decided how I’m going to reply to her letter yet. I’m afraid my true feelings about her will become obvious. If Millie realizes that I consider her an amazing woman full of spunk and vigor with a heart the size of Texas and an unwavering loyalty to those she loves, and a sense of responsibility to those less fortunate than she is, then she’ll lord it over me for the next ten books. You see, I believe her age is an asset, part of her charm, and I fully plan on exploiting it as often as I can.  Just don’t tell her, please . . .  

I’d love to know what you think of the whole situation. Your thoughts may help me figure out how to respond to her. I appreciate you letting me use this space to vent, and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!           
  Deadly Policy, A Silver Sleuths Mystery Series, by Mitzi Kelly, from Avalon Books

Synopsis: When a sudden rash of stolen cars brings Millie Morrow’s daughter under suspicion for conspiracy to commit insurance fraud, Millie convinces her two best friends, Trish Anderson and Edna Radcliff, to help her find out who is trying to frame Michelle. Knowing the odds are against them that they will be able to discover who the thugs are, Trish and Edna nevertheless go through the motions of investigating, hoping Millie will feel productive in helping her daughter while the police do the real detective work.

But the situation becomes much more serious when a body is found in front of the insurance office Michelle works for. And even though the evidence pointing to an inside job is purely circumstantial, it could still destroy Michelle, something the ladies are determined to prevent. They’re going to have to work fast to present a different theory for the police to consider, though, since Millie has once again alienated Henry Espinoza, the chief of police. And she’s alienated someone else, too, if the suspicious incidents suddenly plaguing her are anything to go by.

Keeping Millie out of trouble while attempting to clear her daughter’s name will take every ounce of skill . . . or luck . . . the amateur sleuths possess.

Buy Link:

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Author Bio:
Mitzi grew up in Texas, loving everything about the huge state. From the stark beauty of the desert plains, to the majestic glory of the mountains, to the intense power of the ocean, she's never had a desire to live anywhere else. Traveling is nice, but there's no place like Texas!

She was raised in El Paso with her three brothers, and credits her parents, Lewis and Lucretia Rothman, for providing an idyllic childhood. There hasn't been a sport invented that the family was not involved in, and Mitzi vividly remembers weekends where the family rushed from a gymnastics meet to a football game and then to the golf course, and still somehow fit in chores and meals! Her parents are her true heroes and there aren't enough words to express her gratitude.

Her family relocated to Houston, but Mitzi moved to San Antonio with her grandmother and landed her first job where she found she had a love for bookkeeping and making numbers work. In 1981 she married her soul mate and best friend, John, and in 1982 their son, John Lewis, was born. Mitzi thoroughly enjoys the moments her husband steps in as her "co-plotter" to add spice to a scene with his unique sense of humor. With the love and support from the two most important men in her life, Mitzi has had the freedom to explore a myriad of interests and that's when she discovered she loved to write. Before tackling novels, Mitzi wrote several feature articles for Our Ageless Times and a current event article for Builder/Architect.

Mitzi Kelly is generously offering one set of her books (Classic Revenge and Deadly Policy) to a lucky commenter. Contest open to US residents only, ending 4/30.


Carol N Wong said...

I love cozies and especially older women solvers. Can't wait to read her books.


Unknown said...

I agree, "it's all in the placement of the adjectives"!
I'd like to get to know this woman!

Unknown said...

PS The above "unknown" is me.

Mitzi Kelly said...

Thank you for hosting the book tour today, Melissa! You have a wonderful site. And I wish everyone who enters your contest good luck!

Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard said...

I chuckled my way through Millie's letter. I'd have to add "feisty" to that set of adjectives! Also "outspoken". It sounds like a fun series.

Anita Yancey said...

Deadly Policy sounds like a wonderful book. I love reading books with older characters, they always have a different way of looking at things and they make me laugh. I am putting Mitzi's books on my TBR list.


Mitzi Kelly said...

Thank you all for the interest in the Silver Sleuths Series! I appreciate the comments and I hope you enjoy the books. Good luck to the winner of the contest!