Friday, October 25, 2013

Book Review: Cat-Eye Witness (A Klepto Cat Mystery) by Patricia Fry

Blurb: Savannah and Aunt Margaret open the old Forster home to the Hammond Cat Alliance for a fundraiser to help rehabilitate the abused horses rescued months earlier from the catnappers. Before the afternoon is over, the collected funds go missing and someone is murdered in an upstairs bedroom.

Suspicion surrounds Iris, a local waitress and Savannah’s new best friend. The only witness to the murder is Rags, Savannah’s cat. With the assistance of a cat psychic and Rags’s good friend, Charlotte (the young girl with Downs), the cat helps to “paw” the killer…but not before an attempt is made on Rags’s life. The case is solved only after Rags comes face-to-face with the killer for the second time.

My Review: The first book in this series, Catnapped, is one of my favorite cat mysteries of the year, but I enjoyed this one even more.

Cat-Eye Witness picks up months after Catnapped left off, with everyone gathered for a fundraiser at Savannah and Margaret's home for the abused horses that had been rescued from the catnappers. Everyone is shocked when the money goes missing and a stranger is found dead in Margaret's bedroom, hit over the head with one of her collectible inkwells. Suspicion immediately falls on Savannah's good friend Iris who was in charge of the funds, and her troubled son Damon. The only witness was Rags, who is left terribly traumatized by the event. Savannah resorts to extreme measures to try to find out what Rags saw, which ends up putting the furry eye witness in grave danger. And once again, his tendency to have sticky paws plays a pivotal role in catching the killer too!

This series has an outstanding cast of characters. In addition to the ones I grew to love in Catnapped (particularly vets Savannah and Michael, Aunt Margaret and her new hubby Max), this second book introduces a detective who ends up developing feelings for his main suspect, a sweet little girl with Downs Syndrome, and a pet psychic. The care of the abused horses renews Savannah's love for horses and riding, which I predict will play a pivotal role as she bonds with a surprise new character introduced to her on her wedding day.

This book is a quick, fun puzzler with a special feline detective that will steal your heart; Truffles and I highly recommend it!

I received a copy of this book from the author with the request for a review.

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Great book review. Mom always gets sleepy when she reads so it takes her a long time to get through the books. I received your request for an autumn VSquillion and will work on the paper work next week. Have a great day and weekend.