Friday, February 28, 2014

A #PetBox Review & Coupon Code

Hey everybody, it's Truffles! A couple months ago I won a PetBox from my friend Sparkle's blog and I told you about the pawsome stuff I got here. PetBox is a subscription pet goody box where you can pick what goes in your box (treats, toys, or a surprise), and for every box shipped, a rescue animal is fed!

Thanks to another good friend of ours, Angie at Catladyland, we were offered the opportunity to review another PetBox. I told Mommy to say yes ASAP!

Here I am checking out the loot:

What was in my box?

1) Kong Naturals Straw Balls. (This is the only duplicate from my 2 boxes, and I'm so glad I got more! I loved my first set so much I pretty much destroyed them. Here's photographic evidence of what one looked like after I was through with it. Mommy took it away from me and said it wasn't safe to play with anymore!)

2) Feline Harvest Dental Treats (It is Dental Health Month, after all!)

3) Kong Refillables Hedgehog

4) Kong Naturals Catnip

5) Zuke's Natural Purrz Tuna

6) Kong Flip Funster

7) Yeowww Tin of Stinkies, 3 in a Sardine Tin

I immediately tore into the straw ball and Kong catnip. There's catnip all over my head LOL!!!

Help me pick out a sardine, Mommy!

(Look, there's still catnip all over me!)

So far I've loved everything I've tried out, and can't wait to have fun with the things that I haven't played with yet. (Mommy always introduces new toys to me a couple at a time. If I get too much stuff at one time I have a tendency to get overwhelmed and ignore everything!)

Would you like to join/order a PetBox of your own? Use the code "TRUFFLES20" at checkout for an extra 20% off.

Check out PetBox on their social media accounts: FB, Twitter and Instagram

Full Disclosure: We received a complimentary PetBox for review. All opinions are our own.


GLOGIRLY said...

Oooh! Those Yeoww Stinkies are the BEST!!!

Layla Morgan Wilde ( Cat Wisdom 101) said...

You got some great goodies. Coincidentally we're doing our Petbox review and giveaway today.

The Island Cats said...

The PetBox sure includes great stuff! We love anything Yeowww!

CatInTheFridge said...

oh. The stinkies. Savor them! We got that little hedgehog too but we gave it to some homeless kitties. :) Have fun!! It looks great. - Crepes.

Cats Herd You said...

The Petbox is all top-drawer stuff. Yeowww! is great stuff!

Fur Everywhere said...

You got some great stuffs there! Enjoy!

A Tonl said...

Ya know, we've never tried those Yellow Stinkies. HAVE WE, MOMMY... *glare*

That looks like FUN IN A BOX for sure!

Unknown said...

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