Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Killing Notion by Melissa Bourbon: Guest Author/Giveaway

A Killing Notion (Magical Dressmaking Mystery Series #5)

Thinking about murder is part of my job. Kind of a crazy part, but also an important part. Because when you write murder mysteries, murder is, well, at the center of everything.

I spent some time reflecting on all the ways I’ve made people die in the books I’ve written. Here’s a rundown:

The Lola Cruz Mystery series

Living the Vida Lola: poison (I can’t be more specific since it would give too much away. It’s clever, though!)
Hasta la Vista Lola: Hit and Run
Bare-Naked Lola: Poison (totally different than the first and equally clever, if I do say so myself ;)

A Magical Dressmaking Mystery series

Pleating for Mercy: Strangling
A Fitting End: Stabbing
Deadly Patterns: A fall from a widow’s walk
A Custom-Fit Crime: Poison (yet a third way!)
A Killing Notion: Car accident

What I discovered is that, even though each situation was different, I’m heavy on the poison! Coming up with creative ways to kill people is more challenging than it might seem. I’m can’t say I’m nixing poison from my murder vocabulary, but my goal as I continue with the next several Magical Dressmaking mysteries is to be even more clever with the murder scenarios. Have to keep things interesting!

I’m curious, what’s the most creative or clever murder situation you've read about in a cozy mystery?

I’m so excited to share Harlow’s continued journey in Bliss, Texas.  You don’t have to love sewing in order to be spellbound by the series.  If you’re familiar with A Magical Dressmaking mystery series, I hope you love A Killing Notion, and if the series is new to you, welcome! I hope you enjoy!

~ Melissa

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Blurb:  Harlow Jane Cassidy is swamped with homecoming couture requests. If only she didn’t have to help solve a murder, she might get the gowns off the dress forms....  

Harlow is doing everything she can to expand her dressmaking business, Buttons & Bows—without letting clients know about her secret charm. When she has a chance to create homecoming dresses with a local charity and handmade mums for several high school girls—including Gracie, whose father, Will, has mended Harlow’s heart—she is ready to use her magical talents for a great cause.

But when Gracie’s date for the dance is accused of murder, Harlow knows things won’t be back on course until she helps Gracie clear the football player’s name. If Harlow can’t patch up this mess before the big game, her business and her love life might be permanently benched.

Bio: Melissa Bourbon, who sometimes answers to her Latina-by-marriage name Misa Ramirez, gave up teaching middle and high school kids in Northern California to write full-time amidst horses and Longhorns in North Texas. She fantasizes about spending summers writing in quaint, cozy locales, has a love/hate relationship with yoga and chocolate, is devoted to her family, and can’t believe she’s lucky enough to be living the life of her dreams.

She is the Executive Publicity Director with Entangled Publishing, is the author of the Lola Cruz Mystery series with St. Martin’s Minotaur and Entangled Publishing, and A Magical Dressmaking Mystery series with NAL. She also has written two romantic suspense novels, a light paranormal romance, and is the co-author of The Tricked-out Toolbox, a practical marketing and publicity guide for authors.

Giveaway: Back to Melissa's question, what’s the most creative or clever murder situation you've read about in a cozy mystery? Tell us by noon eastern on Monday, April 7th for a chance to win a copy of A Killing Notion. US entries only please.


holdenj said...

Can't wait to read A Killing Notion! I am reading a mystery right now, where the body was found in a corn maze. Sometimes the idea of these things showing up in normal places is disturbing!

Unknown said...

How can I post a review when I haven't gotten the book yet?
I love Roald Dahl's story he wrote for Alfred Hitchock ( if I'm remembering correctly) where the wife kills her husband with a frozen lag of lamb and then cooks it and serves it to the police investigating. No weapon!

BW said...

I read a mystery years ago where it was told right at the beginning that the horse committed the murder. The heroine had to figure why the horse committed the murder.

traveler said...

A novel that I found captivating. The wife framed the husband for the murder of a woman on their street even though he was innocent. She knew he was unfaithful and untrustworthy. He hung the woman in the front tree. a great scenario and convincing. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

Mariodacat said...

Right now I'm reading a I'm reading Patricia Cornwell';s Bone Bed right now and it's pretty gruesome, so I'd rather not put it on your book,. But it's a real page turner! Would love to win a copy of this book. Thanks for offering it.

M. K. Clinton said...

I read a quote from an author once, "If you are not on the FBI watch list, you aren't writing a great murder mystery! MOL!!

Acemommy said...

It would be great to win and be able to start this series!
sarah2323 at gmail dot com

Rita Wray said...

The murder victim left clues in the quilts she made. ..


Unknown said...

My daughter would go gaga if I gave her a sewing basket. LOL