Friday, July 10, 2015

Book Review/Giveaway: Caught Read-Handed by Terrie Farley Moran

From the publisher: Happy to help her fellow bibliophiles, Sassy visits the local library with book donations for their annual fundraising sale. Unfortunately, the welcoming readers’ haven is in turmoil as an argument erupts between an ornery patron and new staff member, Tanya Lipscombe—also known as “Tanya Trouble.” She may lack people skills, but everyone is shocked when she’s later found murdered in her own hot tub.

The man last seen arguing with Tanya is soon arrested. But Alan Mersky, a veteran with PTSD, happens to be the brother of Sassy’s former boss—and he’s no murderer. Now it’s up to Sassy and Bridgy to clear Alan’s name and make sure the real killer gets booked.

The first book in Terrie Farley Moran's Read Em and Eat mystery series was one of my favorite debuts of 2014, and this second book in the series is an even bigger page-turner, if possible!

Featuring Sassy Cabot and Bridgy Mayfield, who bring Fort Myers Beach, Florida, residents plenty of sinful treats and killer reads at their bookstore café, Read ’Em and Eat. the book begins with Sassy making a donation to the library fund-raising book sale. At the library she witnesses a scene between a volunteer, "Tanya Trouble", and a man who bears a striking resemblance to Sassy's former boss George. A quick phone call to George reveals that the man is his brother Alan, who is suffering from PTSD following three tours in Iraq. Before long Tanya is found dead in her hot tub - her skull smashed in by a tree branch just like the ones Alan carries in his car to build huts in the woods. Sassy makes arrangements for George, his shy sister Regina, and his flamboyant wife O'Mally to come to town to clear their loved one's name.

A secondary story involves a green anaconda loose in the bay, putting the lives of resident pets in danger. While chef Miguel wants the snake killed in order to protect his beloved kitty Bow, others in town want the intruder relocated. This sets up some humorous scenes involving Bridgy's aunt Ophelia.

I've never been tempted to visit's climate is just not for me...but I enjoy spending a little time in Fort Myers Beach through the pages of this series!


About the author: Short-listed twice for The Best American Mystery Stories, Terrie Farley Moran is delighted to introduce mystery fans to the Read ’Em and Eat café and bookstore, which debuted with Well Read, Then Dead. The only thing Terrie enjoys more than wrangling mystery plots into submission is playing games and reading stories with any or all of her grandchildren.

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  1. Looks like another great read! Our Mommy's list is really piling up. heh-heh.

  2. Caught Read-Handed sounds like a great book. Thank you for the giveaway.
    Your banner looks great (featuring the wings - Angel Truffles). <3

  3. I loved the first book in this series , can't wait to read this newest installment !

  4. Love the book cover. Looks like a girl good cozy mystery.

  5. What a delightful giveaway. Thanks for this feature and mystery. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  6. I enjoyed the first mystery in the series, too, so I'm glad to hear you really liked this one!

  7. Looking forward to reading this, many people have said the first in the series was their fave of last year!

  8. Thanks, Melissa. I'm looking forward to reading Caught Read-Handed. Like you, Florida's climate is not for me but visiting through the pages of a book is wonderful!

  9. You might be surprised by parts of Florida. It can be absolutely lovely. Try midwinter when the north is up past their armpits in snow and muck.
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  10. Terrie Moran provides readers with a great series. I love her covers that promise something wonderful to read. Thanks for the review.

  11. Florida really is a wonderful state, especially in the harsher winter months. Even in Northern FL we have very mild winters. Summer, well you'd just have to get used to the humidity. It's pretty intense. MOL

  12. Thank you for this opportunity. Awesome gift package!! peggyhyndman(at)att(dot)net

  13. I am delighted that so many folks are interested in Caught Read Handed. As far as the gift package, the necklace is from Downtown Disney. The mouse pad, journal and box of notes are designed by a local artist. The artist is called Leoma Lovegrove who has an enchanting studio and backyard on Matlacha. The sea shells have been tossed aside by the mollusks that once inhabited them.

  14. Great book...can't wait to read it.

    Shoko's mom

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    Dezi and Lexi

  16. I love to find new books to read!

  17. Looking forward to reading this one.

  18. It amazes me how many mysteries with kitties you find.

  19. I want to win this for my animal loving mystery lover wife. Thank you for the chance to win.