Thursday, May 19, 2016

Let's Talk Pet Supplements #NOWpetsSweeps

As the big 4-0 looms before me I find myself adding more and more dietary supplements to my own daily regimen, so I was very excited to hear that one of the most popular brands for human supplements now has a line for our pets as well!

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The NOW® Pets line of quality pet supplements was created to support and maintain pet health and well-being. Developed under the guidance of Dr. Barbara Royal, DVM, CVA, a renowned Midwestern veterinarian and pioneering expert in holistic animal care, NOW® Pets offers products specifically tailored to address today's most common pet health concerns. NOW® Pets currently offers eight quality supplements for 1) Weight Management, 2) Joint Support, 3) Immune Support, 4) Omega-3 Support, 5) Pet Relaxant, 6) Urinary Support, 7) L-Lysine Pure Powder, and 8) G.I. Support.

I'm a huge proponent of supplements because in my experience they've been a godsend. Long time readers might remember that in the last couple years of her life my Angel Tara suffered from a great deal of serious health issues. Because her heart was so weak there were some things we just weren't able to treat as aggressively as we would have liked, so with the help of a holistic veterinarian Tara was given a regimen of supplements and holistic treatments in addition to the many traditional medications she was prescribed. I strongly believe this approach made the difference in blowing her three month life expectancy out of the water and giving us nearly another year together, a feat that stunned her veterinarians.

When Mudpie's respiratory issues began I knew I wanted to take a holistic approach again for as long as possible. There's just no way I'm willing to start her on a life of strong steroids at two years old when there are other resources available to us. Flower essences, salt lamps to purify the air, and unscented, low-dust cat litters have all become an important part of our daily lives. Further research led me to the benefits of L-Lysine for cats: supporting a healthy immune system, normal respiratory health, and maintaining ocular health.

I can't tell you how happy I was to see that the L-Lysine comes in powder form! Cat moms have to use an arsenal of tips and tricks when it comes to medicating our strong-willed feline friends. Here's what I do: Mudpie enjoys a taste of plain Greek yogurt each morning, so using a toothpick I mix the suggested 1/8 teaspoon of L-Lysine powder right into the yogurt...and she doesn't suspect a thing! Once again Tara was the inspiration for this trick. Many of her supplements came in capsule form, so I would empty out the capsule and put the powder into her favorite treat...believe it or not, Cool Whip!

In business for more than 45 years, NOW® Foods, NOW® Pets parent company, is one of the natural products industry's oldest and most respected manufacturers of supplements, natural foods, sports nutrition and personal care products. With their expertise in natural products and ingredients, and access to supply chains of the highest quality natural raw materials, NOW is a "natural" fit for premium pet nutrition.

It's always important to let your veterinarian know about any supplements you're thinking about giving to your pet. In my experience it's a discussion well worth having. And remember: holistic remedies aren't a "quick fix". It can take some time before their full effect is made clear. But patience is a virtue and good things come to those who wait!

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Have you ever given your pet(s) a supplement?

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the photo of Mudpie! The light shows off her colors so well. We've never had supplements - just whatevers in the food mom feeds us!!

Cats Herd You said...

What a great photo of Mudpie! You know, we've never tried Greek yogurt. That's a great idea for giving supplements, and it's something that won't vanish from the humans eating it because the head peep doesn't like it herself!

The Menagerie Mom said...

In my Rosie's last few years of life, adding supplements to her food was a big part of my daily routine. Now, though, with four young furbabies, I haven't as of yet needed many supplements. However, my boy Evan does suffer from the occasional mild URI, with sneezing and such. That being said, I'm very interested in looking into this brand of L-Lysine for when he has these flare-ups. Thank you so much for sharing this, Mudpie and Melissa! Purrs!

P.S. I absolutely love that picture of Mudpie!

Hannah and Lucy said...

We have never had supplements added to our food apart from the pain killers Hannah had when Mum stood on a paw as she stepped back from getting dinner ready for us. It was a pure accident and has made Mum very wary of her standing there.

Three Chatty Cats said...

That's great that this is in powder form. That does make it so much easier to sneak it in. That is a GORGEOUS picture of Mudpie, btw.

Two French Bulldogs said...

We take supplements. It's very important in this house
Lily & Edward

pilch92 said...

I am glad you found a way to give Miss Mudpie her supplement. This sounds like a great company.

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

What??? You are going to be turning 40??????? I may have to take these (yes the cat ones) MOL myself......I thought you were only around 27 or so............wowza catchatwithcarenandcody

Annie Bear said...

Mudpie looks so pretty! What a great idea to mix her supplement in yogurt!

I sure hope the Lysine and the other things you're doing help keep her asthma under control.

The Island Cats said...

I get a glucosomine supplement because I have a little arthritis. The mom is going to check out the NOW supplements. Thanks for sharing. ~Wally

Cathy Keisha said...

How’s that working with MP’s asthma? The only supplement TW takes regularly is vitamin D3. She says it helps everything. At one point we were looking for Lysine but could only find tablets. Sigh. Good to know.

Sweet Purrfections said...

I started giving Truffle and Brulee some L-Lysine this past fall when Brulee was so sick. They don't really like the treats I'm giving them, so I need to check into this.

Nancy said...

I give L-Lysine to my rescued FIV+ kitty, Maggie. It really helped to clear-up her "herpes" eyes too!