Monday, January 9, 2017

Mudpie Interviews...Elvis from Sofie Ryan's Second Chance Cat Mystery Series (w/Review & Giveaway)

From the publisher: When Sarah Grayson opened a secondhand shop in the quaint town of North Harbor, Maine, she was expecting peace and quiet. Then she was adopted by a rescue cat named Elvis and a kooky trio of senior sleuths known as Charlotte’s Angels. Now she has nine lives worth of excitement…

Sarah’s friend and employee Rose is delivering a customer’s purchase when the quick errand becomes a deadly escapade. Rose arrives just in time to see the customer murdered by his wife, but before she can call the police, she is knocked out cold. When she wakes up, no one believes her, especially after the woman claims her husband is very much alive and has left her for someone else—and has a text message and empty bank account to prove it.

Despite her convincing story, Sarah is sure something is fishy—and it’s not Elvis’s kitty treats. Sarah, Elvis, and the Angels are determined to unravel this mysterious yarn, before the feral killer pounces again...

Secondhand/repurposing shop owner Sarah Grayson and feline lie detector Elvis return for their fourth adventure in Telling Tails. A routine delivery of candlesticks takes a dangerous turn for Sarah's elderly friend Rose when she's hit over the head after seeing their customer's body being dragged out of the house by his wife. Thankfully a neighbor and her dog come to the rescue but when she tells her story no one believes her, even going so far as to think she may have suffered a stroke and was seeing things! The man's wife says her scoundrel of a husband is very much alive, he's simply left the marriage and she has proof, but Rose refuses to change her story and ends up convincing her friends to help her solve this puzzler of a mystery.

I am absolutely crazy about this series. First, I love cozies set in Maine. It's one of my favorite settings. The cast of characters is phenomenal, particularly Sarah's elderly lady friends Liz, Rose, and Charlotte, (and of course Rose's computer hacking beau Mr. P.) who call their detective agency Charlotte's Angels, but also remind me of the Golden Girls. Sarah's love life continues to be complicated as she's torn between her feelings for her "jack of all trades" employee Mac and Charlotte's son Nick who is also an investigator for the medical examiner's office.

Elvis's crime-solving technique is the ability to tell when someone petting him is lying. His gift helps Sarah and the Angels in their latest adventure as well. He never fails to steal the show, and Mudpie was so excited to have the opportunity to chat with the furry little guy!

Welcome Elvis! Thank you so much for chatting with me today. Could you start by telling us a little about yourself and how you came to live with Sarah?

Thank you for inviting me.

I’ve been told I’m a rather handsome black cat but I don’t like to brag. I live with Sarah Grayson and I spend most days at her store, Second Chance. I guess you could say my job is customer satisfaction. I visit with customers, let them stroke my fur and help them feel relaxed and happy.

I was living the life of cat-about-town until I met Sam Newman, who owns The Black Bear pub. That man makes a great western sandwich. Before I knew it he had introduced me to Sarah. She seemed lonely to me. How could I say no to Sam’s suggestion that I move in with her?

How did you end up being named after the King of Rock & Roll?

That was Sam. He noticed my appreciation for the King’s music.

What's a typical day like for you? You must find a lot of fun things to get into at the secondhand store Sarah owns!

I drive to the shop with Sarah. I keep my eyes on the road and let her know if there’s a stop sign ahead or traffic is slowing down. As soon as we get to work I do a quick survey of the building to make sure nothing is amiss. After that I might help Sarah with some paperwork in her office, or curl up in the sunshine in the big front window where people walking by can see me. And of course when customers come in I make sure they feel welcome. My days are very busy.

Tell us about your latest adventure, Telling Tails.

My friend Rose Jackson stumbled over a dead body and ended up in the hospital. She was rescued by—you’ll find this hard to believe—a dog. Things got more complicated when the body disappeared. Of course Sarah and I knew Rose wasn’t imagining things but not everyone believed her at first. What else could I do? I had to figure out what had happened.

Do you help Sarah solve any of the mysteries she becomes involved in?

I usually have a paw in whatever she’s working on. I can spot a liar a mile away. It’s a gift.

Can you give us any clues as to what's next for you guys?

I’m sure there with be more mysteries. Sarah and her friends just seem to attract them. As for me, I hope there are a few sardines in my future!

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