Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Rachael Ray Nutrish for Indoor Kitties Like Me! #ChewyInfluencer

Meows from Mudpie!

I'm so excited to tell you about what Chewy.com sent me this month for review! But first, allow me to set the scene.

Mommy notices all the time how I different I am from Angel Truffles. She was a quiet, laid back little lady; I'm a party looking for a place to happen. She wasn't a lap cat; I spent 3/4 of Sunday happily snoozing on top of Mommy. She loved wet food; I barely tolerate it.

The one way we're very much the same is in our love for Rachael Ray Nutrish. The original recipe that came out a few years ago was the only dry food Truffles would eat, and she loved it. When I moved into my forever home just a month after Truffles rushed off to the Bridge, I found a fully stocked pantry of the food she'd left behind. That first day Mommy opened a couple cans of food that I immediately rejected, but when a bowl of Nutrish was put in front of me I was one happy kitty. Nearly two years later I still have a small bowl of Nutrish for breakfast every morning alongside the wet food Mommy forces me to eat.

So earlier this month when my Chewy Influencer email arrived and I saw that Miss Rachael has a new dry food formula for indoor kitties only I could barely wait to dig into a bag!

5 Key Benefits of Rachael Ray Nutrish Indoor Complete:
  • Real US farm-raised chicken is the #1 ingredient combined with salmon, a unique superfood blend, vitamins, minerals and taurine
  • Chicken meal provides amino acids & Omega 6 fatty acid to help support healthy skin & a shiny coat
  • Lentils offer a natural source of fiber and helps support the healthy weight and metabolism your indoor cat needs
  • Dandelion greens contain natural prebiotics that help support a healthy digestive system
  • Cranberries and blueberries offer a source of essential vitamins and minerals to help support a healthy immune system
Does anyone have any doubts that I loved this food? It is positively scrumptious! And if my humble opinion isn't enough to have you rushing to your computer to buy a bag, here's another reason:

Rachael's Rescue® was created for all of the forgotten pets — the ones that might not have someone who loves them as much as you love your pet. A portion of proceeds from each sale of Nutrish is donated to The Rachael Ray Foundation, which helps animals in need through Rachael's Rescue. Through December 2016, Rachael's Rescue has donated more than $17.5 million dollars to pet charities and other organizations that do good for animals. The funds are used for food, medical supplies, treatments and more for animals in need. Many more animals around the country need help, and though Rachael’s Rescue, together we can make a difference in the lives of many four-legged friends.

Isn't that pawsome??? Rachael Ray loves ALL animals, from cherished and pampered house cats like me to those in shelters still waiting for their forever homes.

Head on over to Chewy.com and try Rachael Ray Nutrish Indoor Complete...the 3 pound bag is currently on sale for only $6.44! Tell 'em Mudpie sent you!

Disclaimer: A bag of food was sent to us for free by Chewy.com as part of their Blogger Outreach Program in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own and we never recommend a product we don’t fully believe in.


Summer at sparklecat.com said...

You are a very good spokescat for this food, Mudpie!

Mickey's Musings said...

It is always great when you find food you like :)
Even better when getting the food helps other kitties.
Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

The Menagerie Mom said...

Mmmm, this looks scrumptious, Mudpie! We really should give this a try, especially with a recommendation from a kitty like you. Dry food is the only kind of food that Eddy will eat. This here human hasn't found a single - not a single! - kind of moist food that she'll even touch. I should try this delicious goodness for her. Purrs!

Unknown said...

That sounds really good, Mudpie, and you are such a cute spokescat! I like that some of the proceeds go to help animals in need too.

The Island Cats said...

Chip and Slim, the garden center cats, eat Nutrish and love it. We love how Nutrish gives back to the animals.

Three Chatty Cats said...

Glad you like it, Mudpie! We're trying Rachael Ray Nutrish for our dog Eddie right now.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Our kitty friend loves that stuff
Lily & Edward

pilch92 said...

Great review! We had 13 out of 13 cats liking it :)

Anonymous said...

Pampered Mudpie. :)

Cathy Keisha said...

I'll let you in on a secret. TW makes me eat wet food but I'm really in love with kibble. I like RR kibble too.