Saturday, May 27, 2017

Beachy Caturday Art

Meows from Mudpie!

Since this weekend is the unofficial start of summer and lots of you will be hitting the beach, I went over to Dreamscope and chose the Seaside effect for my Caturday Art project. I brightened it up even more in PicMonkey to make the colors really *pop* and then added a frame.

Blue is probably Mommy's least favorite color, but on me she thinks it looks divine!

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And now our weekly answers for the Friendly Fill-Ins challenge, hosted by 15andmeowing and McGuffy's Reader!

Mommy's answers:

1. My idea of roughing it is no WiFi. I *am* a blogger, after all.

2.I never get sick of talking about cats. Is there anything else worth talking about?

Mudpie's answers:

3. My youth is being spent loving life in a forever home, as every kitty's should.

4. My “golden years” are hopefully still many years away!


  1. Wow, that is pretty art! Funny enough, blue is my human's least favorite color too... she thinks it is overused.

  2. We like your art pic Mudpie :)
    Your beauty shines through!
    We also like the answers,especially yours.
    Mum agrees with your mum .
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. Really pretty art! I think the blue looks nice; it suggests a contemplative mood (plus it's my favorite color!). I freak out a little if there's no Wi-Fi. It's like the world is ending!

  4. Mudpie, your answers are particularly sweet. May you live looong sand prospurr!

  5. Very pretty, Mudpie.

  6. Wow, Mudpie! That artwork is super fabulous this week. Mommy should frame it, and put it on your wall! :)

  7. This photo was very beautiful with this effect !!!!
    Have a great weekend Mudpie!!!
    A meow of Frida

  8. Lovely art! Blue is one of Mum's favourite colours :)

    Purrs xx

  9. You're our kind of beach body, Mudpie! You make blue look fabulous. And what purrfect answers. Cats are the best topic of conversation, that's for sure!

  10. Your art is fur~bulous! No wi-fi is a horrible way to rough it. LOL!

  11. WE also think blue suits you very well, although now that we think of it, we can't imagine any color not looking great on your Miss Mudpie!

  12. We really love your artwork!! We definitely agree with you on the fact that roughing it is NO WIFI!!

  13. We think that came out really good! And you never make us blue, Mudpie.

  14. Wonderful art!
    Have a great weekend...

    Noodle and crew

  15. I think TW's fave color is blue denim cos she lives in it but she sez it's green. Nice art.

  16. That really is a nice picture. I used to have a tortoise shell cat that I named "Face" because her colors were so dramatic, especially on her face. This picture really reminds me of her. Nice.

  17. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I had the same one for #2. Beautiful art.