Friday, September 15, 2017

For the Love of Tuxies

Meows from Mudpie!

I know what you're all thinking - gasp! - am I really allowing a guest blogger to sing the praises of cats that aren't torties??? Of course I am because I'm a very generous kitty and I want all cats to be respected and cherished for the special gifts that they are. Whether you're a tabby or a house panther or a tuxie or a tortie, you deserve a loving home with a forever family!!!

A guest post by Dan & Whisky, Tuxedo Cat website

Cats are great. Fact.

Any cat owner will tell you that, no matter many times they walk on your laptop keyboard or knock your cup of coffee off the worktop there is simply no denying that the warmth they bring to your home is well worth the occasional bit of mischief.

However what many cat owners won’t tell you is that some cats are greater than others. It sounds ludicrous but it’s true, there are certain cats which due to their breeding their looks, size or coat pattern have become highly desirable among cat owners.

For example breeds such as Bengals, Persians, Siamese, British Shorthairs, Maine Coons and many more are highly sought after.

It is particularly interesting to see that demand for Maine Coons has risen considerably over the last few months following the release of a viral video featuring the world’s biggest domestic cat which happened to be a Maine Coon.

All of these cats deserve loving homes, there is no denying that, but a problem arises when other less visually appealing or less unique cats are left homeless because people overlook them in search of something a bit more exotic.

Tuxedo patterned cats (black and white cats) spend up to ten days longer in cat shelters than more unique breeds.

Tuxedo Cats are far more likely to end up as feral cats so it is no surprise that they make up the vast majority of the world’s stray cat population.

And yet as any Tuxedo Cat owner will tell you there is no shortage of life nor fun in the life of a tuxedo cat, they are incredibly mischievous characters!

The tuxedo cat website exists to help promote the adoption of black and white cats from catteries across the globe.

As well as encouraging people to adopt a black and white cat we also seek to encourage all cat owners to get their cats neutered to help reduce the growth of the feral cat population and ensure that more cats are born in controlled environments where they will be loved and cared for.

So if you’re considering getting a new cat any time soon we would strongly urge you not to seek a designer breed as these are often purposely bred to sell on for profit, rather we would urge you to go to your local cat shelter adopt a black and white tuxedo cat. We promise you won’t regret it!

Tell us about the special tuxedo kitty in your life!

Photos: The first kitty is our neighbor Jinx, and the tuxie in the other two pictures is Whisky, star of the Tuxedo Cat website


  1. Tuxies really are so special, just like all kitties! Thimble's brothers Toby and Talon are both tuxies, and they're such sweet and fun boys. Our friendly neighbor kitty of another sweet tuxie that we know. Purrs to all tuxies, and all kitties!

  2. When my human was growing up, she had a couple of gray tuxies, one shorthair and one longhair. In fact, their tuxie patterns were so similar, the shorthaired one could have been a shaved version of the longhaired! They were both very good cats.

  3. I have 2 tuxies in my life and love them so much!! Their personalities are independent but loving.

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  5. Tuxies spend longer in shelters?!?!?! I need to tell mine that, they will shake their heads in disbelief!!!

  6. I have always loved calicos & torties, but I've also always wanted a tuxie. They are such handsome cats!

  7. Our Angel is a black-and-white kitty, but not a tuxy. She is adorable, has beautiful pink ears, nose and paw pads, and always wakes up just a tad earlier than the humans and those become our alarm. With no snooze button.

  8. Thanks, Mudpie (and Melissa). My tuxies, Mr. Bubbles and Prissy, are brother and sister (17 years old). Yes, tuxies are special.

  9. "Mischievous." Now, there's a polite word our Mom should learn when talking about our grey and white Tuxie sister Tessa, a.k.a. Danger Cat!

  10. TUXIES RULE! I'm a advocate of a Tuxedo Cat Day. Everyone cries about black cats and they have about 4 days yearly dedicated to them while TUXIES are the ones that sit in shelters longest. I suggest, MP, you get a tuxie bro is sis.

  11. A cute tuxie used to come by each day and asked to be rescued. He had the cutest little black Capri pants. We named him Sly Pie and he has enriched our lives. He's been through so much from living rough outside but his demeanour is like a cat who has always been pampered. He's our little "bobotie"

    I would never have thought tuxies spend longer in shelters.

  12. I have just learned of the joys of a tuxie this year with Emmy.

  13. A very nice guest kitty post and we all believe that tuxedo cats are wonderful. In fact after reading the post to the family Mr Buttons is insisting he is a tuxedo as he is black and white. He says his chest locket and white leg pits count! Meow!
    Thank You Mudpie for coming to Einsteins Birthday. He was soooo happy to see you and says you have a purrfect day for a birthday!
    Timmy and Einstein

  14. At last year's BlogPaws there was a Sphinx up for adoption. Why?! Because a person liked its appearance but didn't realize their unique needs - so they gave him up. I know that happens a lot with exotic and especially stunning breeds. People go on looks and never educate themselves on what taking care of that breed means. I remember a couple years ago, a Facebook page we follow featured the Savannah cat breed. A couple comments said (essentially), if I found a cat that looked like that, I'd adopt it. WHAT?!?!?! I called them on it. My Bear Cat was homeless ... and just a regular tabby ... but that boy SAVED MY LIFE. He doesn't have a pedigree ... but he's the most valuable thing I have. I love Summer from Sparkle Cat and I was curious ... I searched Somali on Petfinder ... and there were a couple!!! This was about a year ago ... I mean, REALLY?!?!

  15. I'm not in favor of species genocide by restricting cats or any other living thing (except maybe cat haters?) to "controlled environments"! However, megadittos to the idea that tuxies can be great pets. Our Founding Queen, Black Magic, was technically a tuxie--one visible white "bib" spot, and two bigger but seldom visible white spots below. (Even as a kitten she was a dignified little thing, and seldom rolled.)

  16. How nice of you, Mudpie, to allow another type of cat to be featured! Olive doesn't know how you could do that! But great info on tuxies! Am off to visit their website...