Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Support Your Cat's Kidney Health With Scruffy Paws Kidney-Vitalize Chews

Sebastian`s life was hard from the very beginning.

For years my mom and I would watch him across the street and our hearts would break seeing him out in every form of inclement weather. Not wanting to start trouble with the neighbors we kept our mouths shut. Then his family moved away and left him in the care of the elderly couple next door. Finally things seemed to be looking up for him until the wife passed away and a caretaker moved in with the husband. Once again Sebastian was pushed outside and we feared shelter-bound, so little by little we started inviting him into our home.

It wasn't easy turning a cat who had practically never seen the inside of a house into a house cat but we did it and for three years he was a cherished member of our family.

Then during the summer of 1996 we started noticing he was spending more time by his water bowl and the litter pan needed to be cleaned more often. Naively we chalked it up to the summer heat but by late September there was no improvement. A visit to the vet confirmed our worst fears: Sebastian`s kidneys were failing and nothing could be done. We were sent home with instructions on how to administer subcutaneous fluids to prevent dehydration for what little time he had left.

On January 8, 1997, just over three months after diagnosis, Sebastian was gone.

Tragically there's not a single thing about Sebastian's story that's uncommon. A diagnosis of CKD (chronic kidney disease) is something no cat parent ever wants to face, but the sad fact is it's a leading cause of death for cats, just as heart disease is for humans. Over 1 in 3 cats are likely to develop kidney disease in their lifetime, and as they age the likelihood of developing it increases. In fact, more than half of cats over 15 are afflicted. Since cats hide illness so well they typically show no symptoms (such as drinking and urinating more than normal) until their kidneys have lost most of their function - permanently.

CKD is both progressive and incurable, which makes supporting your cat's kidney health in general so important throughout their life. That's why our friends at Scruffy Paws developed their Kidney-Vitalize Chews.

These treats, just like all Scruffy Paws products, are carefully made of only the best natural ingredients, right here in the USA. They're scientifically backed to support kidney health in cats of all ages, whether they've been diagnosed with CKD or not. Containing the extracts of Astragalus & Rehmannia root (a combination of potent super herbs), these supplements are perfect to help maintain kidney function to prevent the onset of CKD in younger cats and to revitalize the organs of older cats who are showing signs of kidney function decline. The active ingredients in these chews have also been scientifically proven to fight inflammation and reduce proteinuria, a condition characterized by the presence of greater than normal amounts of protein in the urine when the kidneys aren't functioning the way they should. Treating proteinuria helps to reduce the weight loss and organ damage caused by CKD.

I remember when Sebastian was diagnosed the vet immediately put him on a bland prescription diet which, not surprisingly, went over like a ton of bricks. Many cats have a hard time adjusting to kidney diets, and every cat's nutritional needs are different, so it's extremely important to work with your vet to find the right diet for your pet. These chews are designed to provide kidney support in the meantime, and additional organ support for cats who have successfully made the transition.

So much has changed in the past 20 years with regards to CKD. Vets are able to make a diagnosis earlier than ever before, providing an opportunity not only to slow the disease progression but to sustain a good quality of life for many years. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and if a tasty supplement (chicken & catnip flavor!) has the power to possibly prevent illness down the road or delay its progression, why not discuss it with your vet?

Have you ever had a cat diagnosed with chronic kidney disease? 
How did you manage it?

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Scruffy Paws. I am being compensated for featuring this content but we only share information we feel is relevant to our readers.


Summer at said...

So much has changed with knowledge about cats' kidney disease. I'm glad that more treatments are out there.

Patricia T said...

Thank you, Melissa!

Mickey's Musings said...

This is really good news and it is good to know that new treatments and information are available for this nasty CKD.
Purrs,Georgia and Julie

Eastside Cats said...

I have a feeling that Sweetie is in the beginning stage of kidney problems; her BUN score was at the tippy top of 'normal'. This product could be a good start to keeping her healthy, after we visit the vet again.

The Florida Furkids said...

It's been a while (fortunately) and we treated with fluids.

The Florida Furkids

Brian's Home Blog said...

I sure wish our Zoe would eat some of those, but nope, she sure won't.

catladymac said...

Same with my guy Oscar, as Brian says about Zoe.

For sure, Sebastian knew he had finally found love.

pilch92 said...

Sebastian was a handsome boy. I am glad you gave him a loving home. I have had many cats with CKD, it is an awful disease.

meowmeowmans said...

How awesome that this stuff helps kitties with CKD. Gracie, who is 20, has CKD. We are managing it the best we can, and she does pretty well for an old gal.

The Menagerie Mom said...

What a handsome tuxie Sebastian was! He was so lucky to have you. I'm going to have to keep these Kidney-Vitalize Chews in mind. My angel Rosie had CKD. She lived with it for years, but luckily, with the help of subcutaneous fluids and RenAvast (now called AminAvast), Rosie's kidneys did not reach the final stage of CKD even after nearly 3 years with the disease. When she passed away of heart disease and hidden cancer at the age of 21, pretty much her only organs functioning properly were her kidneys. I truly think the RenAvast (AminAvast) capsules worked wonders for her, and I believe they gave me extra years with my Rosie. I'm now curious how these Kidney-Vitalize Chews would have worked for her. Thank you for sharing this with us!

Three Chatty Cats said...

We have these chews!

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