Wednesday, January 18, 2012

An Appetite for Murder

Hayley Snow's life always revolved around food. But when she applies to be a food critic for a Key West style magazine, she discovers that her new boss would be Kristen Faulkner-the woman Hayley caught in bed with her boyfriend! Hayley thinks things are as bad as they can get-until the police pull her in as a suspect in Kristen's murder. Kristen was killed by a poisoned key lime pie. Now Hayley must find out who used meringue to murder before she takes all the blame.
As a lifelong Vermonter and total winter person I've never even entertained the idea of visiting Key West, but after spending time in Hayley Snow's world, I wouldn't mind a quick trip! This book perfectly depicts the atmosphere, the characters, and especially the food of this exotic locale.
And I found another dream job-food critic! What could be better than being paid to eat at and write about every restaurant in town???
I loved the mystery (Death by key lime pie? I'll take my chances.), and was completely wrong at my prediction of who the killer was. I enjoyed spending time with Hayley's group of friends and neighbors, sweet little Evinrude, and the resolution at the end with Miss Gloria-I can't wait to see their relationship develop.
I was a huge fan of Lucy Burdette's (written as Roberta Isleib) Advice Column mysteries and am just thrilled she's writing another fun series about a writer-one of my favorite occupations for a cozy character.

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