Tuesday, January 10, 2012

In the Marshal's Arms

Marshal Rhys Burgess always gets his man. To catch a notorious bank robber, he seeks out the man's sometimes-mistress Maddy Colby. She lives on her own on a farm that needs a lot of work. He presents himself to her as a handyman...and waits.

As he waits, he gets to know Maddy, who is nothing like he expected. Isolated on the farm, shunned by the townspeople because of the choices she's made, Maddy is smart, generous and hard-working--and lonely. Every day he finds her harder and harder to resist...until a snowstorm strands them alone together in the tiny cabin.

Then Rhys needs to discover...is getting his man worth losing his woman?

While reading this novella I could picture the whole story playing out as a movie-the drifter who's not who he says he is, the outlaw's lonely widow in a remote cabin who takes him into her home, her bed, her heart...until the truth comes out-even a classic shootout!

I have to say I'd love to read a prequel-more of Maddy's story and how she came to be the outlaw brothers' lover. I enjoyed the townsfolk's reaction to her because of her scandalous past. Fantastic story!

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