Monday, February 20, 2012

A Fitting End

Business is booming at Harlow Jane Cassidy's custom dressmaking boutique-even with her great-grandmother's ghost hanging around the shop. But when a local golf pro is found stabbed with dressmaking shears, the new town deputy suspects Harlow. Now she has to clear her name before the next outfit she designs is a prison jumpsuit...

A Fitting End is the second book in Melissa Bourbon's Magical Dressmaking series set in Bliss, Texas. In this one Meemaw is gaining strength and able to assist her descendents more; I hope this continues! I love the Cassidy women, their relationship with each other and their gifts. There were so many revelations in this book about the Cassidy family tree and who knows about their powers, and I enjoyed spending more time with the residents of Bliss, especially the Lafayette sisters. Of course I love the Butch Cassidy history, and the relationship between himself, Sundance, and the fictional Texana Harlow and Etta Place. This charming series will enchant lovers of paranormal cozies.

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Misa said...

Thank you for the wonderful review, Melissa!