Wednesday, February 1, 2012

If Fried Chicken Could Fly

At Gram's Country Cooking School, Betts and Gram are helping students prepare the perfect dishes for the Southern Missouri Show-Down, the cook-off that draws the first of the summer visitors. Everything is going smoothly until they discover the body of local theater owner Everett Morningside in the school's supply closet, and Everett's widow points an accusatory finger at Gram. Now, Betts has to dig deep into Broken Rope's history to find the modern-day killer-before the last piece of chicken is served...

This first book in Paige Shelton's Country Cooking School Mysteries is a fun read filled with twists and turns and a cast of delightful characters. But my review must focus on my 2 favorite aspects of the book:

1. The town of Broken Rope...a town that got it's place on the map by it's recreations of the Old West. OMG I want to LIVE there!!! I love how the cook-off judging even takes place on a hanging platform. Too fun!!!

2. The ghost of outlaw Jerome Cowbender. I must confess I fell a little bit in love with him, as did Betts. I sure hope he's a part of future books, and that we get to see his relationship with Betts grow. Sparks can fly between a ghost and a mortal, can't they?

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