Saturday, May 5, 2012

Triple Crown Mania

I'm not so much a fan of horse racing as I am swept up in the mystique of the Triple Crown. The last time it happened was in the spring of 1978, and I was less than a year old, so seeing a horse achieve such a spectacular feat is the #1 sports story I want to see in my life (besides seeing Kevin Harvick win a Sprint Cup Championship!!!)

I've religiously watched the Triple Crown races since the late '80s, and have seen some special horses come sooo close...Alysheba, War Emblem, Big Brown, Charismatic, Sunday Silence. I've also suffered through the tragedies of Barbaro and Eight Belles, which almost made me give up horse racing altogether, as Ruffian's tragic breakdown made my mother stop watching in the '70s. It's for this reason I only watch the 3 races per year...I am so terrified for the horses during each race I'm practically shaking until it's over.

I have a fairly large collection of biographies of famous horses, my favorite being Ruffian: A Racetrack Romance by William Nack. This book made me feel like I was at the racetrace in the '70s, the heyday of horse racing.

I also love books on the history of the Triple Crown. Last weekend I picked up an incredible book on the history of the Kentucky Derby at Big Lots that was $50 marked down to $10.  It is more then just a book. There are many reproduction items tucked in pockets on nearly every page, from postcards to tickets and race forms from the time era which the section is depicting.

So on Saturday I'll be watching the Kentucky Derby, hoping to see one special horse emerge as a Triple Crown contender...but more than anything praying that every horse finishes the race safely.

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