Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fool for Love

Call her a fool, but chef-in-training Chloe Madison wants to have her cake and eat it too. So when her boyfriend dumps her for some French tart, she decides to start over from scratch—with a new life and job in Sugar Creek, Vermont. What could be sweeter than cooking for an eccentric lady who’s crazy for desserts? What could be more tempting than joining a club called the Cupcake Lovers? Just one thing: local business-hunk Devlin Monroe…

Although he’s  the grandson of Chloe’s fun-loving boss, Devlin Monroe is all work and no play. Micro-managing the family business, he doesn’t have time to indulge in life’s  sweetest pleasures—until he meets Chloe. How can he resist such a vibrant, beautiful woman who brings so much passion to the table? But when old grudges and secrets threaten to destroy the Cupcake Lovers, Devlin must decide if his feelings for Chloe are a recipe for disaster—or a sinfully delicious ever-after…
This book has made me fall in love with my home state all over again. From general stores to cell phone difficulties to moose, Beth Ciotta has captured living in small town Vermont perfectly.
I was so fortunate to get an early copy of this book. From the beginning Chloe felt like she would be a really good girlfriend. As she leaves her old life behind to pick up the pieces of her broken heart in Sugar Creek, Vermont, she takes a job as a companion to Devlin Monroe's grandmother Daisy. Daisy is an absolute hoot, and she manages to get Chloe into soooo much trouble, much to Dev's chagrin. Slowly but surely though, Chloe manages to steal Dev's heart and make him realize what's important in life.
Chloe also ends up involved in the lives of the various members of the Cupcake Lovers Club, an organization that raises money for various causes and bakes up some yummy cupcakes at the same time. It will be so much fun to see some of these characters get their own books.
As a moose fanatic, a big smile stretched across my face when one of the critters ended up playing an important role in the story, and I can't wait to read more about Sugar Creek's new Internet cafe!
Anyone who enjoys small town, contemporary romance can't go wrong with this delicious new series. It's heartwarming, fun, and just plain scrumptious!

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