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Retrieved by Amber Polo Blog Tour

Blurb: Dog-shifters once again face the book-burning werewolves of Shipsfeather in this charming second installment of The Shapeshifters’ Library series.

Godiva Anglesey, Chocolate Labrador, and the ruggedly handsome English Mastiff Cynerik are forced to team up against power-hungry werewolves when Cynerik discovers an ancient Ohio mound that may hold answers to their shifter history. Knowing the mound’s secrets could benefit the dog-shifters in the ongoing contest for power, ambitious werewolf pack Alpha Sybilla challenges timid Godiva to a battle for the territory. Already faced with a malicious book-worm infestation and a censorship threat to ban all anthropomorphic books in her library, Godiva, who has no interest in battling anyone, must turn from running her small town library to train for a challenge she believes she has no chance of winning. Just when things couldn’t get any worse, Godiva’s mother announces that family tradition dictates that Godiva must be married by Summer Solstice… to a Druid. Godiva doesn’t even know any Druids.

Godiva wants to run her library, retrieve books for library patrons, and keep people happy. She’s no hero. She doesn’t have what it takes to face down werewolves or save the world. Cynerik, however, believes differently. Together they must defeat the werewolves, save the town and its library, protect the most important archeological discovery in dog-shifter history… and, just maybe, find love along the way.


Author Interview:

When I reviewed Released, I called it “ridiculously creative.” How did you come to write the Shapeshifters’ Library series? How did you create such a magical world?
Well, in some ways it was easy. I’m a librarian who loves dogs and fantasy. Besides, there are so many werewolves out there, I wondered why if wolves could shift, why not dogs. And if dogs shifted, how would they be different from wolves.Libraries are filled with magic. The books alone create doorways to infinite worlds. But there is much more to a library than most people see. To show a library behind the scenes I created a real public library, put it in a fantastic building, and added a quirky staff. And then the librarians discover that floors below are filled with dog-shifter librarians from the days when the library was a shapeshifting school.
You must be a dog lover. Have your own pets inspired your four-legged characters?
Of course. My first Old English Sheepdog became the hero of Book 1. Writing “Released” brought him back to life for me.
I spent years surrounded by Old English. I showed in confirmation and obedience and was lucky enough to meet many dogs and dog people. Next to librarians they’re the most interesting people I’ve ever met. (See photos of Amber’s Dogs: http://amberpolo.com/about-amber-polo/test1/
In Book 2 “Retrieved” my Chocolate Labrador Interlibrary Loan librarian (that’s a library dog joke) and an amazingly smart and handsome English Mastiff are the stars. Creating each of the characters to fit a dog breed without losing respect for the dogs was important to me. You won’t find Marley in my books. I let the werewolves be both the villains and the comic relief.
I understand cats make an appearance in Retrieved (Yay!!!) Can you tell us a little about your new feline characters?
Cat lovers can be soooo intense. ;) I did add some cats just to cause trouble and I create an interesting link between werewolves and cats. Let’s just say cats could talk if they wanted to. A bookstore cat will make an appearance in Book 3. I wrote a blog post about my difficulties with a cat-loving graphic artist. http://amberpolo.blogspot.com/2013/01/creating-new-dog-friendly-logo.html

What are some of your favorite books/authors?
Asking a librarian about her favorite books is like asking parents to choose their favorite child. I love so many? Truly so many books so little time!
In general I love fantasy with a little romance and a story that pulls me in and doesn’t let me out until the end. I also am an audiobook addict which allows me to read a lot more than my writing and research time allows and try more authors and genres.
Give us a glimpse into a typical day for you.
I confess I spend too much time online. I’m fortunate to be able to write full time, and I do. Connecting online, blogging, and writing another book keep me happy. Since I’ve written a book called “Relaxing the Writer” I also try to live some of the advice I give.
Do you have advice for aspiring authors?
Read. Write. Learn. And live a balanced life. More specifically, keep an eye on the changing world of books and publishing and don’t be too quick to publish your first effort.
What’s next in the series?
I am so glad you asked. I’m halfway through writing Book 3 which will be called “Recovered.” The hero will be the villain of Book 1, the wolfdog shifter who becomes a lone wolf in Book 2. My heroine is Bliss D. Light, the sweet New Agey Children’s librarian who finds she is a white Greyhound shifter. The story features a cross country chase to find the lost books of the ancient world. And I’m having so much fun…
Thanks, Melissa, for inviting me back. It’s always a pleasure to be here with you and your friends.

Author Bio:
A love of books drew Amber Polo into a career as a librarian. A greater love turned her into a writer. The Shapeshifters’ Library series is an urban fantasy filled with books, librarians and dogs and a library everyone will love.

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