Friday, May 17, 2013

A Thyme to Die Book Tour: My Life with Peggy Lee, by Shakespeare



I hear my name called frequently around our house on Queen’s Road in Charlotte, North Carolina. Sometimes, it’s for something that I do on purpose. Hehehe! I know it sounds bad, but I only do things for fun. Peggy calls me her dog tornado.

Sometimes, Peggy is serious with me – like when I ran around the dining room table so fast that the tablecloth got caught on my leg and I pulled down that blue bowl she liked so much. It smashed on the wood floor. I was sorry, but it was too late.

I really like to chase squirrels in the backyard. I’m telling you, I could jump that fence, but why would I want to? Outside of getting into trouble once in a while, I have a sweet life with Peggy and her other human, Steve.

Peggy and Steve saved my life a few years back. I was a mess, thanks to an abusive owner who really didn’t want me. I think he expected a smaller dog. I hear that happens a lot when people get Great Dane puppies. It’s hard for them to imagine how big we get!

Anyway, Peggy found me and got Steve to take care of me. It wasn’t too long before I was up to my fighting weight of one-hundred-and-forty pounds of fawn-colored muscle and quick wit. Steve says that’s about average for my breed. My ears weren’t cropped as a puppy so Peggy wouldn’t let anyone crop them when she found me. She said I’d been through enough.

Have I mentioned how much I love Peggy? I love climbing up on the big bed with her after Steve gets up in the morning. I can lick Peggy’s whole face in under one minute! That’s talent, and a big tongue.

I hate when she gets into trouble. She’s had some close scrapes, always trying to help other people.

 I wish she’d stay home all the time and help me chase squirrels!


Read more about Shakespeare and Peggy Lee in Book Six: A Thyme to Die

The Peggy Lee Garden Mysteries

By Joyce and Jim Lavene

A Thyme to Die - Cover

About A Thyme to Die:

Peggy Lee and her gardening friends have managed to persuade the International Flower Show to move to Charlotte from Atlanta this year. Excited and enthusiastic, Peggy agrees to step into the role as director of the event, but on opening day, a good friend of hers is found dead in the middle of the show.

Dr. Aris Abbuto, an orchid grower from South Africa, has been shot and buried in a makeshift grave covered with pink thyme. Peggy is especially devastated since he came at her personal invitation. The presence of the pink thyme, a plant once used for ancient burial rites, tells her it’s possible one of the show’s growers may be involved in his death.

She plans to work with the Charlotte Police on this one, in her position of contract forensic botanist, and is surprised to learn of the Charlotte FBI’s interest in the case—which means her husband, Steve is involved too.

Peggy is focused on finding her friend’s killer and running the flower show with hundreds of sometimes disgruntled vendors. Her questions will find a devious plot with her friend and his young daughter, unwittingly, at the heart of it.

Asking the wrong questions can be dangerous, however, as Peggy knows so well. If she isn’t careful, finding her friend’s killer might also lead to a flower-covered grave for her.


About Jim & Joyce Lavene:

Joyce Lavene and Jim Lavene are a wife and husband team who have written and published more than 60 books since 1999. They live in North Carolina with their family and enjoy cooking, photography and ghost hunting.

Connect with Joyce & Jim Lavene: Website | Twitter | Facebook
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