Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mr Tea and the Traveling Teacup Book Tour: Meet Mr Tea the Macaw

Howdy-do!  This is Mr. Tea, the macaw, from the book Mr. Tea and the Traveling Teacup.  I have a mystery going on.  Terry and Karen Sutter turned their childhood home into a teahouse.  At night, while Terry and Karen are asleep upstairs teacups fall off the shelves and crash on the floor.  Actually, the teacups only fall off one particular shelf.  The whole family is unnerved.  Uncle Henry and Aunt Rose live next door. They are two very spunky senior citizens.   Rosey is afraid the ghost might be her sister Madeline, Terry and Karen’s mother.  Henry wonders if it might be a former owner who built the house.  Of course, it could be the elderly sisters from next door who disappeared without a trace over forty years ago.  .   

Karen Sutter thought running a haunted teahouse might be fun.  She is beginning to change her mind.  It is taking more and more of Uncle Henry’s margaritas to help her cope.  The Sutter sisters are getting a lot less sleep.    The police are involved.  Detective Greg Mullins, a definate hottie, is trying to help the family figure out what is going on.  Of course, police are slightly useless when it comes to ghosts, but he tries.    I recently came to live in the teahouse and I enjoy watching this mystery unfold.  During the day, I keep the teahouse guests entertained.  I love to give kisses for peanuts!   I know much more than everyone thinks I do.   The problem is that no one listens to me.  I am doing the best I can to guide these lovely but clueless  people.    Every day brings something new.  

About Mr Tea & the Travelling Tea Cup: After the death of their mother, sisters Terry and Karen Sutter, turn their childhood home into a teahouse. It’s a dream come true, but the dream begins to resemble a nightmare when teacups start crashing to the floor in the middle of the night. Could the teahouse be haunted? There’s a list of possible ghostly candidates: the prior owner who is rumored to have left behind a buried treasure, two spinster neighbors who disappeared without a trace over forty years ago, or perhaps it’s Terry and Karen’s own mother trying to communicate with them. Karen, the older sister, thinks running a haunted teahouse might be fun, until the sisters come home one night to find the attic stairs covered in a trail of what appears to be blood. Is it a ghost or a warning? The teahouse’s new mascot, a psychic macaw, may provide some unexpected clues, but the sisters will encounter many more surprises before they solve this mystery.

About Leslie Matthews Stansfield: 
LESLIE MATTHEWS STANSFIELD is the author of MR. TEA AND THE TRAVELING TEACUP, the first book in the Madeline’s Teahouse series. She is the author of a previous book, Windsor Locks, on the town she lives in. She grew up in Delmar, New York, and credits her friends with developing her imagination. Leslie is a graduate of University of Hartford and recently received her Masters’ degree from the University of Phoenix in Educational Leadership. She is a math tutor in a public school as well as the Christian Education Director of her church. She is currently working on her second book in the Madeline’s Teahouse series. She has four children and eight grandchildren and lives in Windsor Locks, Connecticut.

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Unknown said...

Oh, I like the sound of this! A smart bird and spirits and tea--a wonderful combination.

Cyndi Riccio said...

Sounds real cute!

Sue said...

The title doesn't really say cozy to me---but the description sure does. I want to read about this macaw and all the strange goings on.

Unknown said...

Cute idea! Gosh is my to do reading list growing!