Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cat's Meow Mews & Mailbox #40

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This week was dedicated to trying to save my beloved 20 year old television. It's been doing weird things picture-wise for over 6 months and last weekend it was worse than ever. I thought for sure that it was done for and even reluctantly started looking for a new one. Then I decided to call a local television repairman that kept my previous TV running longer than it ever should have, and in 30 minutes he had the problem diagnosed and fixed! He gave it a tune up, said the picture tube looks beautiful, and said it should be good for another 20 years! I could have kissed him!

I had a bit of Facebook drama this week too. A so-called friend, twice in one day, called for the outlawing/banning of an entire group of dogs based on their ignorant belief that they are "monsters". I called her out on it, told her exactly how I felt, and she unfriended me. No loss on my part. I don't wish to associate with people who hold such beliefs.

How was your week?

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Anonymous said...

Glad yous got yous t.v. fixed and sowwy 'bout yous FB issue. Lots of ignowant people in da world. Wees twyin' tu get caught up and back in da saddle again aftew mommy bein' so sick last week.

Luv ya'


Anonymous said...

I think with all the weekly deaths by certain dogs, it's quite reasonable (especially if ) someone who has history of being attacked to reach out for a opinion on banning certain breeds. It's quite a movement throughout the country t o ban killer breeds. As a cat owner I see no place in the world for breeds that are known for attacking and killing cats no more then I see any sense in keeping killer dog breeds as pets. Just last week a infant was killed by a fighter breed and we all saw the video of the pit bull ripping apart a child . opinions have validity if we choose to look beyond our own judgemental nearsightedness and I think you misjudged your friend and be cause of your own inability to see their side lost a friend. I would consider a ban because people are dying everyday from attacks by certain breeds. You cannot look the other way when so many are maimed and died. I myself was attacked by a pit bull once and as a result live in fear of stepping outside my door without a weapon and can never feel safe enough to walk again outside.

Anonymous said...

A 20 year old tv? Time to let go. The flat screens are beyond fabulous and will open your eyes to a new way of vie w ing. My new flat screen gives me such beautiful viewing and takes up less room.

Red Iza said...

I've seen Better homes and hauntings elsewhere, it looks good. My, you had a great haul this week ! Enjoy ;)

Unknown said...

Well done on getting the TV repaired. On the very modern ones, they are made so that you cannot even get it repaired any more but have to buy a new one.
Sometimes FB shows sides of people you didn't know existed. I had a colleague who posted racist stuff (her support to a well-known racist group) and I had a quiet word with our supervisor - can't stand for something like that. Not surprisingly, I had one 'friend' less on FB and she was reprimanded and moved to another department.
Have a great week and Happy Reading.
My Sunday Post is here

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

I am so sorry you went through something so horrific, Lexie. That's the kind of thing that can keep you from seeing things objectively. No one will ever convince me that an entire breed of dogs should have to suffer for the actions of those that are the result of terrible owners. There are no bad dogs, only bad owners. Protecting innocent animals is always my priority.

Katherine P said...

Great haul this week! Hope you enjoy them. That's too bad about the facebook drama. Definitely doesn't sound like you'll be missing her though. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I really resent your mean response which is the problem with these breeds. If you want to justify to all the parents of children killed by those type of breeds . People killed and maimed like me who have had their life ruined forever. Then go ahead and live in your ignorance. You cannot dispute the facts. I suffered through 30 skin grafts and will have pain forever. Last week another child was killed by a pit bull or bully breed. I agree that animals are precious and to be protected but some breeds do not belong in our neighborhoods where they are just confined killers. It is not logical for your neighbor to have a dog that will kill you or your children. I will always fight to ban them as pets because I have the scars as a reminder and I support the parents of dead children and all of us affected by attacks by these breeds. You are lacking critical thinking skills and very ignorant to reality. Read the news I urge you to educate yourself. Your FB friend sounds very educated to the problem. Your just so ignorant I cannot bother with you. Until you suffer a bully breed attack do not write about something you are so uneducated about.

Anonymous said...

Please read this about a little girl who had her face destroyed by a bully breed and now is suffering . You need to get educated on the realities of having attack breeds in civilized communities

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

First of all, I know exactly what it's like to have your life ruined forever. My mother's life was ruined forever 15 years another human being. There are plenty of humans out there who shouldn't be living in our neighborhoods or walking our streets either, but we have no recourse against that, do we?

The article you attached proves my point exactly. An old man who owns 10 pit bulls obviously is not a responsible pet owner and most likely abused those dogs and trained them to become killers. It's an owner issue, not a dog issue.

Lastly, I said absolutely nothing to you to warrant such a personal attack. I have every right to express my opinion - an opinion shared by many people, by the way - on my own blog without being bullied. Your insults certainly are not going to change my mind.

This is the last I have to say about this issue, and I certainly hope that you won't "bother" with me again.

Carma Poodale said...

Ma was attacked by a pitbull. She has a huge scar on her thigh due to it. That was one dog. There are so many more that would never ever bite anyone. Too bad your follower can't see that. She must not realize that chihuahua's and dachshunds attack and bite more people than the bully breeds but that isn't news for the networks. They can be just as defiguring as a large breed.
That is like banning everyone from going in to the ocean due to a jellyfish or a shark attacking. Those jellyfish attack everyday but that isn't newsworthy neither. Guess there will always be those who hate the breed because of what they read.
Sad. Considering so many pitbulls are becoming service dogs now someone who hates the breed will soon run into them.

Carma Poodale said...

You are missing out by repairing the old tv. You will think your vision got better with the clarity of the new tv's and they use way less power.
You can get a 32 inch for less than $200. Maybe you can get one for yourself for Christmas?

Jessica @ said...

I own a Dachshund which is the #1 breed for dog bites in the US...or was last year anyway. Usually their bites do not result in "ruined lives" because of their size but A LOT of Dachshunds are nasty . On the other hand, I have a good friend who raises bullies and hers are some of the sweetest family dogs that I know. Yesterday I had an off leash, large mutt breed run up to us and attack Chester and Gretel. My point is that there are many nasty dogs, and nasty dog breeds, out there. Some get more news coverage than others and therefore seem to be the biggest issue. Honestly, I am not aware of ONE dog breed that is consistently a "killer". As with people, I think all dogs should be judged on an individual basis. If you expressed your opinion respectfully (which I am sure you did) then your friend, obviously, does not have room in her life for someone who thinks differently than her. She's entitled to that but it can feel hurtful when you are the one rejected.

Connie - Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

I was attacked as a child by a dog. I have very little love for dogs, but I have met some incredibly loving pitties..

It is not the breed that is the problem it is the people. The most vicious dogs I've ever met are toy breeds because people do not think they need to be trained. There are no breeds that will kill cats or attack people just because they are that breed

Anonymous said...

Lexie, wow. Reading the comment you left for Melissa, I have to assume you are just as prejudice toward people as you are toward dogs. What an unsolicited, undeserved personal attack on someone on her very own blog. Do you go into other people's houses and attack them, too?

I'm very sorry about what happened to you, and it breaks my heart every time I hear about dog attacks that ruin lives. But the fact of the matter is that the Pit Bulls that are attacking and killing people are NOT representative of the entire breed. In fact, they're actually a very small percentage of the breed, and they are not your typical household pet Pit Bull.

In my many years of working as a shelter and rescue volunteer, I have come into contact with hundreds of Pit Bulls and other bully breeds. Maybe 1 or 2 percent of those were "bad dogs", but the rest were well behaved, loving, intelligent animals that are amazingly eager to please and only want to be loved.

How many Pit Bulls have you had personal experience with, other than the dog that attacked you?

Dogs that are untrained, uncared for, living in packs or at the end of a chain all alone in a yard, unneutered and unsocialized are far more likely to attack and/or kill, and it's a sad fact that Pit Bulls live in these circumstances a lot. They are not always owned by the most respectable, upstanding people. But is that their fault?

A dog has no control over what kind of person owns it. A dog has no say in whether or not his owner properly socializes him, gets proper veterinary care for him, trains him, and treats him like a loved part of the family. A dog has no say if his owner mistreats him and teaches him to attack. All he knows is that he wants to please his owner and he will do whatever the owner asks.

A dog who's chained in the yard knows nothing about the world outside of the 10 foot radius around his dog house, so of course he's going to be protective of it if a stranger ventures into the yard and gets too close. If you knew nothing but the little world surrounding your home, you'd protect it at all costs, too.

A dog that's never been around children or other pets, never been loved, never been treated the way a pet should be treated doesn't know how to act like a civilized dog and is highly likely to hurt someone, but these are not usually the dogs you hear about in the Pit Bull attack stories.

Bottom line is that no single neutered, properly socialized, family pet Pit Bull has ever attacked and killed in the US. So the fact that you want to ban my well behaved, loving, intelligent, well trained family pet Pit Bull because of a few bad dogs tells me that YOU'RE the one who needs to educate herself.

You need to understand that if you ban Pit Bulls, that means that upstanding, law-abiding citizens like myself will no longer be able to own them. But the irresponsible thugs, dog fighters, and criminals don't care about laws and will continue to have them. Now what good has your ban done, other than to break up my family? That's why BSL doesn't work.

meowmeowmans said...

That's great that you got your TV fixed! We still have our old one, too.

CatInTheFridge said...

This is the strangest lot of comments I think I've ever read through. Occasionally, bloggers get attacked for their opinions, which means you're being read, and you're doing something right to be getting your messages out there, even to people who disagree with you. Melissa, I think you are right to express your opinion, and I applaud you also for leaving the comment trail here for people to see and comment on further. - Alana.

Anonymous said...

oh my lol, love love the cat theme!

Great that your tv survived but I'm sorry to hear about the FB drama....sometimes *sigh*

Here's my Sunday update ;)