Sunday, June 29, 2014

Cat's Meow Mews & Mailbox #42

Cat's Meow Mailbox is inspired by the great weekly recap book memes (Mailbox MondayWaiting On WednesdayIt’s Monday! What are you reading? and Sunday Post)

Last week on Mochas, Mysteries and Meows:
* Book Review & Giveaway: Smoke and Mirrors by Kathleen Andrews Davis
* Hide & Seek Book Tour: Interview with Author Amy Shojai
* Cat World Domination Day/Happy Birthday Sparkle!
* Complete Health Nutrition for Your Cat #WellnessPetFood
* Thankful Thursday: Grumpy Cat Birthday Swag
* Truffles Interviews...Thumper from Elaine Faber's Black Cat's Legacy
Caturday Art: Pottery Edition

Deadly Decor The Nose Sees All: A Spunky Murder Mystery Healing Pet Loss: Practical Steps for Coping and Comforting Messages from Animals and Spirit Guides (Healing Pet Loss Series)

For Review:
Andi Under Pressure



Anonymous said...

Nice selection of books, I hope you enjoy them.
Have a great week.
Sharon @ Sharon's Book Nook!

Red Iza said...

Ghosts and Victorian murderesses, they look like fun (hem, interesting !) reads ;) Have a great week !

Unknown said...

I am interested in the book about Pet loss. Not talked about enough in my opinion and lots of mis-understandings. I had a lot of horrific reactions when I said once I would grieve more for my pets than for example, some of my neighbours with whom I've never exchanged more than a few words in their lifetime. Don't' get me wrong, of course I would not want any human to pass away, but it just wouldn't effect me that much than my pets for example.
Peggy @ The Pegster Reads

Katherine P said...

The Victorian Murderesses book looks really interesting! I hadn't seen that but sounds like my kind of read. Great books!

Two French Bulldogs said...

So you are a reader little one?
Lily & Edward


The Healing Pet Loss is a topic of a book that I've yet to see find that sweet spot of understanding and helping one deal with that loss. It's a misunderstood topic of grief and one that I feel needs more light shone on it. Goodness knows I probably share too much of my own personal journey.