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Truffles Interviews...Abra the Afghan Hound from Nina Wright's Whiskey, Large (w/Review & Giveaway)

Welcome, Abra! Thank you so much for taking the time for a short interview. Could you start by telling us a little about yourself and how you came to live with Whiskey?

Hello, Truffles! Before we get started, let me say that I have no issues at all with felines, and I love to talk about myself, so this conversation is a match made in Heaven.

I came to live with Whiskey (whose real name is Whitney) Mattimoe when her husband, the late great BEST-human-EVER, Leo Mattimoe brought me home to Magnet Springs, Michigan. Your readers can find out all about that in the first book in the series, Whiskey on the Rocks.

I was the pick of the litter, of course. Leo thought I would be the perfect surprise for Whiskey, who didn’t know much about hounds—and, frankly, still doesn’t. Because Leo knew how to train dogs, he wanted to show and breed me for my exceptionally fine looks.

That didn’t work out for two reasons. First, I don’t care to follow directions. Second—and this is the sad part—Leo died when I was still very young.

Now I run this pack. That means I run around as much as I please, shooting out the door whenever somebody opens it and leaping over fences. It’s not surprising that I have a lot of doggie boyfriends.

Mommy thinks Afghan Hounds are beautiful dogs. What is so special about your breed?

My breed is the best! Not only are we elegant and graceful, but we also come in almost every color combination you can imagine for a dog. I’m golden-hued although I think of myself as a natural blonde.

Affies have gorgeous, glossy long hair that swings like a curtain when we run. Our legs effortlessly pump the air, even over long distances. We seem to levitate rather than leap. And we are fast!

Affies are sight hounds. We fix our gaze on something that interests us, and then we fly straight for it. I’m attracted to shiny objects . . . like expensive jewelry and designer handbags. Oh, yeah, I’ll run miles for a pretty bauble.

What is a typical day like for you?
On a typical day, I do what I want to do. All day long. That’s a typical day for cats, too, I’ve noticed. But very few dogs get their own way as much as I do.

It works like this: Whiskey Mattimoe is a real estate agent in a coastal tourist town. I like to ride along with her and explore the properties she is listing or managing. You’d be surprised how much fun that is. I meet lots of new four-leggers and two-leggers. The cats and dogs are almost always ready to play. The humans, on the other hand, are sometimes up to no good. So, once in a while, Whiskey gets in trouble. Then it’s up to me to get her out. I don’t mind . . . except when it interrupts my fun. Even then, I come to Whiskey’s aid, sometimes with another dog for back-up.

I hear you live with Sandra Bullock??? Dish, girl!

We are NOT talking about the movie star. My roomie is Sandra Bullock, French bulldog. Know anything about that breed? They are the anti-Afghan hound. While I am tall and sleek, Sandra is short and squat. Plus, she snores, drools, and passes gas. But everybody seems to love her. Go figure.

Sandra is way too eager to please. That little stub of a tail wags constantly. Some people in our household even like to dress Sandra up, complete with accessories. No self-respecting hound should wear more than a simple jewel-encrusted collar. Sandra is trailer trash.
Do you like kitties?

Kitties are cool. Truffles, we have a lot in common!

Like cats, Afghan hounds are not inclined to be trained by humans. WE do the training, making sure our humans behave the way WE want them to. Am I right, girlfriend?

After reading your latest book Mommy said that you're a brazen hussy. What does that mean?

That’s just code for “brave and beautiful.” Also, it means I get my own way. And, as I mentioned earlier, I have a LOT of doggie boyfriends.

What kinds of mischief do you and Whiskey get into in Whiskey, Large?

Whiskey hired a pet psychic to help figure out why Sandra Bullock, French bulldog, and I don’t get along. Supposedly, in a previous life, we were squabbling celebrity sisters. Who knew? The pet psychic’s dog, a black standard poodle named Napoleon, has a crush on me, so he tries to follow wherever I lead. Can I help it if I’m irresistible? In Whiskey, Large, somebody keeps shooting at Napoleon and me. Other things go wrong, too. A house that Whiskey lists for sale explodes, and then Whiskey’s husband disappears. I’m talking about her new husband, Jeb, who’s a pretty nice guy . . . even though he rescued Sandra Bullock, French bulldog.

Anyway, I help solve those mysteries. When you think about it, the series should be named after ME instead of the human. Except that dogs don’t read.    

Are you looking forward to having a baby in the house?

Do I have a choice? Seriously, I think having a baby in the house is going to make my life even better than it already is. When Whiskey realizes how much work that baby is, she’s going to have new respect for how easy it is to live with ME! No diapers, no formula, no sleepless nights. Well, maybe some sleepless nights when I slip out and get into my usual mischief. . . . But Whiskey knows I always come home. Eventually.

Any idea what your upcoming adventures will be?

Nope. The author hasn’t told me a thing. Well, maybe she has, but I haven’t been listening. My life is exciting no matter what Nina Wright writes. I expect my future adventures to include lots of our local dogs, like K9 Officer Roscoe, Mooney the Rotthound, Velcro the trembling teacup dog who sticks to your ankles, and my son Prince Harry the Pee Master.

Oh, I forgot to mention I’m a mother! It slips my mind sometimes. Unlike humans, dogs are supposed to let their children go. I had a litter of pups that Whiskey gave away . . . except for one of my sons, who now lives with Chester. Prince Harry was a little hard to housebreak. Not my problem.

Speaking of Chester, he will be in my future adventures. He’s our nine-and-a-half-year-old neighbor and my FAVORITE human. Yes! Chester is wonderrrrrrrrful! You can read all about him in every Whiskey Mattimoe book. He speaks canine—and a little feline. You’d enjoy chatting with him, Truffles. Wait. I see something flashing in the distance. Uh-oh, gotta run. Arrrrrooooo-rooo!


Blurb: Nine months pregnant, real estate broker Whiskey Mattimoe is literally living large. She needs a driver now and a nanny very soon. What she doesn’t need is another murder to solve… Magnet Springs is re-branding itself as a pet-friendly vacation destination, but the transition is bumpy. Someone is shooting at unleashed dogs, including Whiskey's own escape artist Abra. The shooter could be a disgruntled resident, a crazed tourist, or someone closer to home. Then two humans die in an explosion, and, even though she’s on maternity leave, Whiskey finds herself in the middle of the investigation. Is it an accident or murder? And who's going to drive Whiskey to the hospital when her water breaks?

Tortie Shorties
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Poor Whiskey. She's 9 months pregnant and ginormous. During her 9 year old neighbor/friend Chester's birthday party the local pet psychic and her poodle Napoleon are shot at on Whiskey's front porch. Napoleon's arrival causes Whiskey's oversexed Afghan hound Abra to run off with him for a rendezvous. Then she learns that a house her real estate company just listed has blown up with 2 people and a dog inside. Oh, and all this happens before Chapter 5! Add a rogue tweeter into the mix who is determined to make her life miserable, and Whiskey's life is just about spiraling out of control.

Not normally a fan of kids in cozies, I love Chester. He adores dogs and plans to use part of his trust fund to build an animal rescue center, which fits in perfectly with Magnet Spring's re-branding as the Pet Mecca of the tourist trade. Besides Abra (I think affies are absoutely stunning!), my favorite canine character is Sandra Bullock, Whiskey's husband Jeb's beloved cream-colored Frenchie who has a wardrobe to die for!

My only complaint is Whiskey's attitude towards Abra. She is definitely a difficult dog, but Whiskey just doesn't seem to adore her pet the way I think people, both in real life and fictional, should. Plus she has a pretty snarky attitude towards "animal people" in general. I really enjoyed the mystery but these are a couple things that definitely bothered me.

In closing, this book is a wild ride and loads of fun. It should appeal to long-time fans of the series and newcomers alike.

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Gweat posty. Hav a wunnewful day Truffles. :)

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i never thought about Afghans being like cats… it's true! (altho not as much as Siberians)

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Now that was a fun interview and we really enjoyed it!

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Sounds fun!

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I think I might like this hound---maybe more than her owner. Great interview again, Truffles.

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My doggy thinks she is a cat since she has 4 feline siblings. Nice to meet you Truffles.

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Hi I'm Natalie, I am a Maine Coon and my brother is an orange Maine Coon! My brother Rylee thinks he is a dog. He is always hanging out with the dogs.

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"Brave and Beautiful" I love it!

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Having read the whole series, I find it amusing that Whiskey Mattimoe keeps attracting animals into her life even though she has no real desire to take care of pets. Frankly, my sister is like that. She just doesn't "get" why anyone goes nuts over a cat or dog because her life is complete without them.

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This is a series that I'm not familiar with. Truffles interview definitely intrigues n me.

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What a fun interview!!

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Hi, my name is Izzie and though my mom and now my dad try to train me, I actually train them, hehe. Until 6 months ago my brother Leo helped out a lot, but he went to the kitty rainbow sky. I'm still sort of ticked at him for up and leaving me, now I only have my owners to talk to, and they are great, but not the same as my big bro Leo, even though we were the same age, 21 yrs young.

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I'm a chocolate lab. That's not a bad interview....for a cat. Cats. Meh.
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