Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Book Review/Giveaway: The Silence of the Chihuahuas by Waverly Curtis

From the publisher: Pepe, aspiring P.I. Geri Sullivan’s muy clever Chihuahua, has stopped talking. But why now, with Geri’s best friend Brad missing and her ditzy sister in grave danger? Geri’s lost without Pepe’s dogged detective work, especially when a client of Brad’s expires under very murky circumstances.

Luckily, Pepe turns out to be an excelente blogger, and his nose for clues soon has the detective duo chasing down leads. But they’ll have to put a bite on crime quickly, because danger’s afoot – and it’s making tracks in their direction . . .

Last year at Christmas I read a short story featuring Pepe, star of the Barking Detective mystery series, and I fell a little bit in love with the feisty little chihuahua. After reading The Silence of the Chihuahuas, the fifth full-length book in the series, he's completely stolen my heart.

Geri is devastated that Pepe has suddenly stopped talking to her. The truth is, Pepe is worried that Geri's friends think she's nuts and are suggesting that she seek psychiatric help. He decides to start writing a blog in order to communicate with her, but Geri remains oblivious to his plans. Then her best friend Brad goes missing, his partner hasn't reported it, and his difficult client Mrs. Fairchild is found murdered in her kitchen. On top of all that, Geri receives a strange phone call from her estranged sister who claims someone is trying to kill her. Caller ID says the call came from Forest Glen Clinic, a treatment center for additions and psychiatric illnesses. Geri figures that since everyone has been insinuating that she find a quiet place away from Pepe to get her brain back in order, a rest at Forest Glen Clinic might be just what she needs...

Yes, there's a lot going on here, but it's such a fun and madcap adventure that I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. We all wonder what's going on inside our pet's heads, and Pepe's observations are spot-on. If he really were a blogger, I'd be his first subscriber!

In real life, Pepe is an eight-year old Chihuahua, adopted by Waverly’s daughter Shaw, when he was a puppy. He likes stuffed toys, especially if they squeak. He hates the rain, which is unfortunate since he lives in Seattle. Like his namesake character, he hates being dressed up and thinks he is much bigger than he is. Unlike his namesake, he has a sweet disposition and doesn’t talk much, but he does have his own Facebook page and website.

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  1. The Silence of the Chihuahuas sounds like a fun read! I need to check out the books in this series. <3

  2. Another great book review! Finally one about chi's! Mom already has two previous books on hold at the library!!! I hope I win the book!!! Love, LadyBird

  3. Wonderful review. Another book to add to my tbr list. Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. Great review, sounds like a good book...
    Have a happy Thanksgiving!

    Noodle and crew

  5. Sounds interesting. I like chihuahas, I follow LadyBird at DoggieCaperz :)

  6. Sounds innerestin Mudpie. Have a blest Thanksgivin'.

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    Dezi and Lexi and mommy Audra

  7. Great review, I loved the first book