Friday, November 20, 2015

Savor the Purina Pro Plan Experience #SavorShreddedBlend

During Mudpie's first three months with me I've spent some time chronicling her eating habits. For the first week I was practically in tears because nothing seemed to satisfy her. The food she had been eating at the shelter had run it's course and she no longer had any interest in it. I'd find something she would like one day only to have her reject it the next. Other things I would open and I swear she would've laughed at me if she could.

Then I remembered that I had a sample bag of Pro Plan® Savor® Adult Chicken & Rice Formula that I had picked up for Truffles and never opened.

EUREKA!!! She loved it!!! And as each day goes by, she STILL loves it!!! Mudpie is 100% a Pro Plan girl. We currently have 3 different bags of dry food open, which we rotate on a daily basis, Pro Plan canned food is in our pantry, and the *only* treats she will eat are Pro Plan treats. (She just reminded me to tell you that in a couple weeks she'll be offering a giveaway of some of her favorite Pro Plan treats too!)

Every Pro Plan product we've tried has been a resounding success and I am very happy with her choices.

Brand new to PetSmart store shelves is Purina Pro Plan® Savor® Shredded Blend, which combines crunchy kibble with tender, meaty shreds for an all-new mealtime experience that boasts an aroma, taste and texture your cat will love. Other key features include:
  • 40% protein and real meat is the first ingredient (available in two varieties: Chicken & Rice Formula and Salmon & Rice Formula.)
  • Vitamin A and linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid, for healthy skin and coat
  • Natural prebiotic fiber, sourced from chicory root, helps promote digestive health 
  • Vitamin A and taurine help promote healthy vision.
Mudpie gives Pro Plan Savor Shredded Blend four paws up. Quality nutrition that tastes great, is reasonably priced, and as close as your nearest fur baby is one very smart girl!

Are you following Pro Plan Cat on social media? We love that they have accounts just for cats!
Has your pet ever tried Pro Plan? Do they have any favorite products?


The Island Cats said...

That looks like good food...we're glad you like it, Mudpie.

Anonymous said...

Yummy, huh, Mudpie! :)

Life with Dogs and Cats said...

Wow! I know how frustrating it can be when your cat turns her nose up at the food you offer. How awesome that Mudpie chose a food that's not only tasty and nutritious but also a trusted brand.
--Purrs (and wags) from Life with Dogs and Cats

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm Weez never twied ProPlan. But those meaty bites do look yummy. Glad you found sumfin' good fur Midpie to eat dat she likes too. It can be furustratin' when kitty won't eat dat's fur sure. Hope y'all have a pawsum week.

Luv ya;

Dezi and Lexi

pilch92 said...

I used to buy the dry Pro Plan, but then I switched to Rachel Ray's grain free. I should switch back because I am sure it is better quality.

BeadedTail said...

We tried the Pro Plan canned food once but we were too picky and didn't like it. Clearly Mudpie knows something we don't though so maybe we need to try a different flavor!

Annie Bear said...

Mudpie, I've been wanting to try ProPlan dry for Annie & Pierrot and the only that has stopped me is Annie snubs a lot of food and I don't want to waste yet another food. I am definitely going to get this for them once we're out of our existing food. Great review!

Cathy Keisha said...

Pawsome that you found a food you liked, MP. I wish TW would let me eat kibble too although I’m sure you don’t get a lot of it either.