Monday, July 4, 2016

Tortie Shorties on Mystery Monday: Truffle Edition

Meows from Mudpie!

As we approach the one year anniversary of Truffles' unexpected journey to the Rainbow Bridge later this week, much of the week is going to be about her...and I'm okay with that. She and Tara before her paved the way for everything we do today.

Mommy recently found a pair of mystery novellas with a truffle theme, and we thought it would be fun to feature them here today.

From the publisher: After the death of her beloved grandfather, Catharine “Mac” Mackenzie opens a chocolate shop in her sleepy little New England bayside town with her best friend Sabrina. Things are going well for the daring duo, until Sabrina’s landlord, one of the wealthiest women in town, is murdered. Toss in a British detective with a wicked sense of humor, a shudder-worthy encounter with a childhood friend, and you’re in for a delectable mystery experience that’ll have you on the edge of your seat!

Tortie Shorties Review: Best friends Mac and Brie run a seaside chocolate cafe in New England. Brie is the true chocolatier; Mac is trying to keep busy while grieving the loss of her grandfather, the former mayor who left her quite well off. Her true passion is criminology which she was studying before returning home. So imagine her excitement when a prominent member of society is murdered in her bed! Mac can't help but stick her nose in and use what she's learned to nab a killer!

Add in mouth-water descriptions of cocoa confections, a quirky British detective, humor, romance and danger, and you have the ingredients for a delectable debut!

Raspberry Truffle Murder (A Maple Hills Cozy Mystery Book 1) by Wendy Meadows

From the publisher: When Nikki’s husband of 20 years decided that he wanted a different life in Los Angeles it spawns a new life for her as well. Leaving behind Atlanta and her Journalism career there, she and her college bound son move to the small and tightknit town of Maple Hills, Vermont. With a bustling tourist season, the thriving community seems the perfect place to set up her new Chocolate Shop… yet opening day proves more deadly than profitable.

A hit and run right outside her shop door leaves a man dead and questions swirling. When the victim is identified as Steven Denforth, the most hated and reviled man in town, it resurrects the fissures that had recently torn Maple Hills apart. It seems that when Denforth first came to town, the quiet man bought the local paper, then proceeded to publish damning articles about some of the communities’ most prominent members - secrets that no one should have known about.

Now he is dead and everyone is a suspect, including Nikki. As both a former reporter and an FBI Consultant, Nikki instinctively knows the dirt in Maple Hills is piled high and if she doesn’t get to the bottom of it, and to the murder, then her stay in the quaint Northern Town may very well be short lived.

Tortie Shorties Review: Of course it's the cover and title that drew me to this story; but unfortunately except for the protagonist owning a chocolate shop there's not a truffle to be found. I was really hoping for a "poisoned truffle" cause of death. The setting of my home state of Vermont had great appeal to me as well.

For an estimated 90 page novella there's a lot going on in Maple Hills! Maybe a little too much for such a short read since readers don't even "meet" the killer until Nikki figures out that they're the culprit, and much of the action takes place off the page, making for quite a few confusing twists.

Nikki is a very interesting protagonist with her background as a former reporter and FBI consultant, so I'll probably pick up the next book in the series to see how she continues to make her mark in small town Vermont.


Anonymous said...

Two great books! Anniversaries of sad events are hard but if you love on each other, you will be able to pass through them. Thinking of you ...

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

Cool books! Hugs for the rainbow anniversary week.

Cats Herd You said...

How fun to feature Truffle-themed books while she is so much on your mind this week. Sending you lots of love. Anniversaries are tough, especially firsts.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Melissa and Mudpie. Happy 4th of July, to you.

The Menagerie Mom said...

It is so nice that you'll be dedicating much of this week to Truffles, Mudpie and Melissa. I've been thinking about you, as I remember your Truffles' passing being this time of year. Thank you for sharing these truffle-themed books with us! Purrs, and happy 4th of July!

Anonymous said...

Y dat's really special. Now ifin only there was a bood about Mudpie. Have fun gawjus.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Raena

Mickey's Musings said...

Pawsome reviews :)
Mum thinks they sound interesting.
Sending purrs as you remember sweet Truffle this week.
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

Annie Bear said...

Oh, I'm sorry. I know this is a sad time, especially being the first year anniversary of losing your Truffles. I like that you found truffle-themed mysteries to review.

I hope you're having a nice 4th of July.

wildcatwoods said...

Will be thinking of you this week and sending hugs. Wishing you a Happy 4th!

pilch92 said...

Great reviews and now I am hungry. Make sure you give your Mom lots of cuddles this week Miss Mudpie XO

Katie and The Katz said...

I agree with Ellen... Now I needs chocolate... Hope you had a furry safe Fourth of July. Purrz from Mitchel and Pearl who posed for the Fourth.

-Katie Kat.

Katie and The Katz said...

Sending hugs as you miss the bestest Truffle that ever was loved. -Katie Kat.

Three Chatty Cats said...

Now I want a piece of chocolate! Too bad there was a truffle in the novella, though. Sending you lots of hugs this week.