Friday, June 23, 2017

Unboxing June's Meowloha CatLadyBox

The theme of June's CatLadyBox was "Meowloha"'s what was inside!

Featured Cat Lady Artist Eve Furchgott: The artist lives in Hawaii, and this particular print is titled "Ti Party" because the plant behind the cats is a ti plant, which is used to make tiki skirts (among other things!)

Hula Cats Beach Roundie (CatLadyBox exclusive): I'm not a beach person (at all) and I had no idea what a "roundie" was before this box. Turns out it can be used as a beach blanket, swim suit cover-up, a tablecloth. We'll most likely be using it as a throw blanket on the bed come fall! The "Tahiti Kitties" artwork by Denise Avery is just purrfection. For an item I knew absolutely nothing about, this has become one of my favorite things ever!

Cat Silicone Ice Tray: Because who doesn't need cat-shaped ice cubes in their life??? Mudpie is asking for a tray of tunasicles too ;) 

Meowloha Surf Tank Top (CatLadyBox exclusive): Sun, surf, and cats...what else? Love the vintage look to this tank top.

Hula Girl and Pineapple Catnip Toys (CatLadyBox exclusives): Is it just me or are the cardboard tags attached to the cat toys getting to be just as cute as the toys themselves? I cut them off and use them as bookmarks! The pineapple is Mudpie's new favorite thing...she bops it around on a daily basis. She's just crazy about toys that are stuffed, round and feathered.

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  1. OMC, what an adorable box this month! And Mudpie, if you are dreaming of tunasicles, you might want to keep an eye on my Cat World Domination Day celebration, because I have something similar!

  2. What fun! Those hula cats are just the cutest thing ever :) I love your idea of using cute tags as bookmarks. Brilliant!

  3. Oh my goodness, just look at these cute goodies! Mudpie, Thimble says she doesn't blame you one bit for loving that pineapple so much, as that looks like her kind of toy, too. On another note, I must say, it is so good to find a fellow non-beach person. I find no joy in going to the beach, and when I tell people that, they look at me like I just sprouted a unicorn horn and wings. I mean, I'm sorry, but sand kind of annoys me. It's good to know I'm not alone! (We seriously have so much in common.) Purrs!

  4. I didn't know what a roundie was either! Your post reminds me that I have this tank. I think I'll wear it this weekend!

  5. Oh WOW that's an amazing box of goodies Mudpie, we luffs the ice cube dooflop, we meant tray!!! MOL

    Big hugs

    Basil & Co xox

  6. Beautiful close ups, Mudpie ... we can really see all the variation in those gorgeous tortie furs! I had no idea about a roundie either ... but that print is just too cute.

  7. That's a terrific box, Mudpie. I Love, love, love tat ice cube tray!
    Yael from

  8. Lots of nifty items and fun stuff!

  9. What a fun theme for the CatLady Box!

  10. The boxes keep getting better and better.

  11. The Cat Silicone Ice Tray is our fav ! Purrs