Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Mudpie Interviews...Cat Behaviorist Anita Kelsey

Let’s Talk About Cats: Conversations on Feline Behaviour features 16 unique in-depth conversations with devoted feline experts, each chapter answering a question about our cats. An abundance of catty conversation points with many useful takeaways for cat owners to improve their own every-day connection with their cats.

This book, the first of its kind, presents the combined wisdom of experts from all over the world on the psychology, behaviour, diet and training of cats, in a relaxed and conversational style.Contributors include Jackson Galaxy, star of My Cat From Hell and composer David Teie,whose ground-breaking album, Music for Cats, was released by the Universal Music Group.Each illuminating chapter exudes a love for cats and a wealth of fascinating insights.

This book also includes advice and real case studies that offer the author’s own professional guidance on cat care topics, explaining the most important cat concepts, giving food for thought and expanding on all the most important issues and debates in the cat world.

Welcome to our blog, Anita! Thank you so much for chatting with me today. Could you start by telling us a little about yourself and what inspired you to write Let's Talk About Cats? 

Thank you Mudpie. It’s not often a cat is interested in what I do!! I’m a human that has studied your behaviours and is called in to help owners understand them too. I thought a book of conversations with other experts might do the trick!

What do you think makes cats such misunderstood animals, making a book like this so important?

That’s a good question Mudpie. I think there’s always misunderstandings with cats kept in a domestic environment as pets because humans expect one thing from you and of course, you have other ideas! A nice balance is the best outcome and Let’s Talk About Cats enables humans to get that balance just right, I feel.

What's the most challenging issue you've encountered with your own personal cat(s) and how did you deal with it? 

Well, I have two personal cats I call pets. They are Norwegian Forest cats called Kiki and Zaza and they are now 14. I would say my most challenging issue was realising that not all cats can be happy as indoor only and once I learnt more about cats my challenge was to give mine a taste of outside life safely as well as keep them entertained and stimulated.

Perhaps you can solve a personal problem I've been having...regular readers of our blog know Mommy is pretty passionate about music (one artist in particular), but I am not a music lover at all! It annoys me and often makes me leave the room to seek some peace and quiet! I noticed one chapter in your books asks the question, Do Cats Like Music? Am I unusual in my intense dislike for it? Do you have any suggestions for us? 

Not at all Mudpie. Every cat is different just like us humans. What on earth does your mummy like music wise that makes you re-coil in horror? Some suggestions are that your mummy wears headphones on occasions to give you a break, doesn’t have the volume up to high, perhaps listens to her bad taste in music when you have popped out for a walk or that she buys you some music that may be more to your liking, like David Teie’s Music For Cats CD.

What's the most frustrating HUMAN behavior you encounter while working with cats? 

That they do not listen to me!

Lastly, what's the most valuable advice you have for cat parents? 

Excellent question Mudpie. Seeing life from a cat’s viewpoint is a good starter and one I know you would love to hear Mudpie, seeing as it’s all about you after all!

Once humans take their emotional response out of the equation and obtain a professional diagnosis on their own individual circumstances then a plan of action can be mapped out to help their cat as well as help the humans themselves understand and deal with the issue better.

Let’s Talk About Cats covers so many subject matters and the experts on each topic speak about them from the cat’s perspective. What’s not to like!!

About the author: 

Anita Kelsey is an author and cat behaviourist. She holds a first class honours degree in Feline Behaviour and Psychology (work-based BA Hons) and runs a vet-referred service dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of behaviour problems in cats.

She is also a cat groomer with master level certification and is known for her work with aggressive or phobic cats during the grooming process. Anita is an advocate for holistic gentle handling during grooming with a strong emphasis on educating clients. She is a full member of The Canine & Feline Behaviour Association. Anita is also a columnist for Your Cat Magazine and is on their experts panel giving advice on behaviour and grooming.


Summer at said...

The music thing made my human laugh. Back when she was a rock journalist, she specialized in heavy metal. Like Metallica, and heavier. And the cat she had at the time HATED it! Since she was my human's one indoor-outdoor cat, she was able to get away from it when my human was working, though.

Me? I'm indifferent to music. My human can play it while she's working in Photoshop (usually alt rock, which is what she really likes) and I'll nap.

Catscue Cat Mom said...

Great review and interview Mudpie! That book sounds like a must have to me.

Sandee said...

I chuckled over the music too. My last kitty didn't mind music at all. Where I went she went. We were connected at the hip. This brought her memory back to me so vividly. It was all about her.

Have a fabulous day, Mudpie. My best to your musical mom. ♥

Timmy Tomcat said...

Thanks Mudpie. Dad really tries to see life from our viewpoint and listens. He can speak a bit of cat you know and so can any human if they pay close attention to we kitties

Brian's Home Blog said...

Great interview, those were really good questions and really good answers too.

Marvelous Marv said...

Mom says she will have to have a closer look at this book! Purrhaps it can help us with some of Marv's behavior issues. Thanks for the terrific interview!

The Florida Furkids said...

That was a great interview!!

The Florida Furkids

Eastside Cats said...

Terrific interview!
Humans are so full of emotions; if they learn to relax more, then the cats sense the easing of tensions.

pilch92 said...

Excellent interview. That looks like a great book.

meowmeowmans said...

We loved your questions, Mudpie! And we loved Anita's answers, too!

Priscilla King said...

Generally I've felt that cats enjoy humans' singing, oh, *almost* as much as we enjoy theirs. For the ones who listen to words it's probably worst; Magic nonverbally told me that it bothered her when I said words that didn't make sense!

From across the years, for Mudpie, I bring an empathy meow from a long-ago cat called Tabitha, whose human had an album by Uncle Dave Macon. Whenever we played that album Tabitha would run through the house as if seeking a place away from that awful noise...

I usually sing or listen to music when I'm inside and the cats are outside. Of course, if it's anywhere near meal time they'll scratch at the door and call: "That's enough, now come out and feed us."

Lola The Rescued Cat said...

Thanks for a great interview, Mudpie. Our mom really tries to be in tune with us. She always tries to use human psychology on us, too. MOL

mike buxter said...

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