Friday, September 3, 2021

Introducing Social Media Influencer Javi Costa Polo's Rescue Cat Mia

Over the summer we were contacted by a journalist who had interviewed social media influencer Javi Costa Polo, who adopted a cat from CAL Adoptar un gato in Madrid last year. In this interview he spoke very highly of the adoption process and why he chose a rescue animal, but the interview ran so long she had to cut that part out and asked if we would be interested in publishing the rest of it. We hope you enjoy meeting sweet little Mia!

Rescue kitten Mia found her forever home with influencer Javi Costa Polo in the early summer of 2020. She's a super cute, strong-willed calico with her own Instagram account, run by one of Costa Polo's fans. As part of a candid interview, Javi talked about his journey to become a pet owner and adopt a rescue animal.

Can you tell us about how and why you decided to adopt a rescue animal? 

I checked out different methods of getting a pet, either buying one or rescuing one. I spoke with a friend who bought a cat, and the cat was very mean, so what matters most is the education and the love you give to the cat. I knew that I wanted to rescue. I felt better about rescuing, rather than buying a cat.

To be honest, I had a bad experience with someone who was selling cats: they didn't give me a good vibe. You know, I can't really say anything bad about people who raise and sell animals, they do support the continuance of the breed. I don't have anything against buying an animal either, and I do understand people who want to do so. If they love a certain breed and have the money, then they should go ahead.

But just so you know, you're going to be able to find as much love, or maybe even more love, through a rescue animal because often they're more appreciative. And at the same time, you're helping the world.

I have also had some bad experiences with rescue places. But then, I found out about this place [CAL - Adoptar un gato] where they were amazing. At first, I acted as a host family. I think everyone should do that if they're not 100% sure. I didn't have any experience with cats, so it was very important for me to make sure I was able to love a cat. It's important for you to get to know an animal before committing, because it's a huge decision.

At first, the agency came over with a cat called Boy. He was wonderful but could be a bit moody at times as well. He was so funny because he was really talkative. He would make so many noises and I loved that. In the end, Boy was adopted while I was still thinking on the adoption. The new family was amazing, and they already had another cat which always helps with the training. With Boy, from the beginning you could just tell he wasn't very educated. And, since he was a year old, he was already himself.

Since it's my first time getting a pet and it's also going to be the last time for a while, I was thinking, Do I want to get a kitten? Do I want the experience of getting a little one and watching it growing up? It is after all, quite a special journey. And, I just wanted to educate a cat. With Mia I am being very strict, Right Mia?

I couldn't make up my mind about Boy and was very thankful for that, because after a week they gave me Mia. On the first day she went under the couch and didn't come out for three hours. And then I was like, Ok, that's enough. So, I went down there and picked her up. She was the most adorable kitty, I knew I definitely needed to adopt her.

Right now, Mia's calling me because she wants me to pet her while she eats... She's so cute, I love her so much!

Javi Costa Polo on Instagram
Javi Costa Polo on Youtube

Interview by Leena Kaikkonen


Patricia T said...

Mia is a very pretty girl.

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Mia is beautiful and I love all her beautiful colors.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

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That was a fun interview and Mia is a real doll!

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Mia is gorgeous!

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Beautiful kitty and interesting interview!

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Mia is a very pretty girl and any kitty who is a rescue is so special we love them even more!

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Mia is beautiful. I am glad he found the right cat for him.

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Nice interview. Mia is a beauty. XO

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Mia is very adorable. Her daddy takes good care of her. She always participate when her daddy is doing a utube video

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Nice interview Mia is so adorable and a happy cat, she gets an abundance of love from her daddy Javi.