Friday, September 17, 2021

Mudpie Interviews...Clyde from Julie Anne Lindsey's Bonnie & Clyde Mystery Series

An amateur sleuth named Bonnie and her kitty companion Clyde, with names like those, what could possibly go wrong?

Life hasn't sparkled too brightly for Bonnie Balfour over the past few years, but a heart-breaking divorce has brought her back to her small rural hometown of Bliss, Georgia, and things are starting to shape up.

The proud new owner of Bless Her Heart—a second chance dress shop and boutique on the town square—Bonnie thinks thirty-eight might not be too late for a fresh start in life after all.

Until a grouchy old widow turns up dead in a pile of donations meant for Bonnie’s shop, and the town’s new detective pins her to the top of his suspect list!

To save her shop, dream and reputation, Bonnie must coordinate clues and stitch together the truth about her innocence, but the unreasonably handsome detective and prying eyes of the local gossip mill are fast fraying her nerves.

When a series of anonymous attacks begin to hem her in, Bonnie fears the real killer is fixing to make her his next victim. Can this amateur sleuth measure up?

Mudpie was very excited to have the opportunity to interview Clyde, the feline star of this series. We hope you enjoy meeting him!

Welcome, Clyde! Thank you so much for chatting with me today. Could you start by telling us a little about yourself and how you came to live with Bonnie?

Hello! Thank you for having me! I’ve never been interviewed before. **adjusts bow tie

Well, it all started when I was just a young kitten, living alone on the friendly streets of Bliss, Georgia. I had a routine. Knew where to find fresh water and food. Where to take shelter in the storms. And I loved finding treasures to hide in my collection. Then one day, Bonnie showed up. I found a ribbon that fell from her shirt, and the rest is history. As it turned out, life on the streets was good and safe, but it was a little lonely. Bonnie didn’t live on the streets, but she was lonely, too. Now, we aren’t lonely anymore.

What made Bonnie decide to name you after such an infamous historical figure?

I got my name from Liz at the Whiskers and Cream cat café. She finds homes for cats who need them, but I wasn’t looking for a home, so she and I were friends who played chase a lot. She named me Clyde, after some old timey bank robber because I like to nab trinkets and outrun her. Bonnie didn’t know my name when we met. She hunted me down with some tips from Liz. When I heard her asking about me, and her missing ribbon, I returned it to her.

What's a typical day like for you?

These days I enjoy a hearty home made breakfast while Bonnie has coffee. Then we choose what we’ll wear. Bonnie owns a second-chase shop where she makes old things new again, so she has a lot of vintage dresses. She made me a closet full of bowties to coordinate with her outfits. Once we’re ready, we go downtown to Bless Her Heart, our shop on the square. Bonnie fusses over everything and I get my morning nap in the shop window. She usually has a comfy rug, blanket or chair up there. When I’m ready to stretch my legs, I slip out while a shopper is coming in, and I make my old rounds. I know everyone, and they know me. I chase the birds and squirrels, watch people and torment dogs on leashes, then I head back to Bless Her Heart when the sun gets too hot. After work, Bonnie and I go home for dinner. Afterward, she bakes to clear her head, and I stretch out on the couch. Sometimes she makes plans to meet with people she thinks are dangerous, trying to decide if she’s right or not. I go along when I can. Usually she’s not right. When she is, I step in to help.

Tell us about Burden of Poof, the new Bonnie & Clyde Mystery Series you star in.

In Burden of Poof, Bonnie’s working hard to get folks to visit our new second chance shop. She’s excited to get a big donation of ball gowns from the fanciest woman in town, but when we go to pick up the dresses, the lady is covered in them, and she doesn’t get up. The police come, and a man starts following Bonnie, asking if she’s the one who hurt the lady. Bonnie decides the only way to prove she didn’t do anything wrong is to find out who did, and things get a little dicey after that. But no matter what, I always take good care of Bonnie, and she takes care of me. So, in the end, we’re going to be okay. And that man who looks at Bonnie like she’s catnip eventually takes the right person to jail.

Do you assist Bonnie in any way in solving the mystery?

I let Bonnie do the questioning, but I help when she gets into trouble. My claws and voice aren’t just for admiring.

Can you give us any clues as to what's next for you two?

There are a total of eight adventures ahead for Bonnie and I, along with a spin off series that features my favorite animal in Bliss, a Polish hen named Thelma. I predict Bonnie’s going to get herself into a lot of trouble with that curious mind of her, but I think she’ll also help plenty of folks along the way, and she might even find true love. If she does, I’m pretty sure I’ll get a little brother or sister out of it. Assuming the cat café is still in business.

You can download a free prequel to the new series and see where it all began in WHEN BONNIE MET CLYDE, available here in digital or audio format:

About the Author: 

Julie Anne Lindsey is an award-winning and bestselling author of mystery and romantic suspense. She’s published more than forty novels since her debut in 2013 and currently writes series as herself, as well as under multiple pen names, for Harlequin, Kensington, Sourcebooks and Crooked Lane Books.

When Julie’s not creating new worlds or fostering the epic love of fictional characters, she can be found in Kent, Ohio, enjoying her blessed Midwestern life. And probably plotting murder with her shamelessly enabling friends. Today she hopes to make someone smile. One day she plans to change the world. Learn more about Julie at

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Thank you so much for letting Clyde stop by today! He's purring it up over here!

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