Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bone Yard

Fourth Installment in the Raine Stockton Dog Mystery Series: a short novella

Dog trainer Raine Stockton has lived all her life in the quiet community of Hansonville, North Carolina. She is the daughter of a judge, the niece of a sheriff, and the ex-wife of a deputy. She does not lead the kind of life, generally speaking, in which people get buried in her back yard. But when Cisco, Raine’s mischievous golden retriever, digs up human bones beneath the site of what will soon be her new training kennel, mayhem ensues. With the state police swarming everywhere, concerns about a mass grave and suspicions of a serial killer, Raine is surrounded by chaos. But when her beautiful collie Majesty keeps disappearing and cryptic messages from a pet psychic only add to the confusion, Raine soon finds herself plunged into the midst of a mystery that is far too close to home. Can she and Cisco track down the truth before it’s too late?

In 2006-2007 I devoured the first 3 Raine Stockton Dog Mysteries: Smoky Mountain Tracks, Gun Shy, and Rapid Fire. They quickly became my favorite in the "dog cozy" genre. (If you haven't read them, run to your Kindle NOW!!!) Then they stopped and I was heartbroken. So a couple months ago I was thrilled, thanks to marvelous ebooks, to discover a new novella in this gem of a series and couldn't wait to become reacquainted with Raine and her 4 beautiful pups. This is a wonderful mystery, along with some changes in Raine's life, including an ending that completely broke my heart. I can't wait for the Christmas novella, Silent Night, in December, and hope and pray that the series can last a long time in ebook form.

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