Thursday, October 6, 2011

Waltz of Seduction

A painful personal experience makes Lord Lockhart believe that a gentleman doesn’t inflict his passionate desires on a wife. The marriage bed is for begetting heirs, not animal lust. No matter how much he desires his wife. But under Lady Lockhart’s shyness is a determination to tempt her handsome husband, to satisfy them both and spend every night together in her bed. Innocent waltzing lessons in their chambers soon become indecent, and may lead the newlyweds to overcome their preconceptions and learn to be lovers, as well as man and wife. 

This is a fantastic short story about young marrieds learning how to move past society's restrictions in the Regency period and to communicate with each other. I couldn't figure out why Lord Lockhart treated his wife the way he did in the beginning, but the explanation was perfectly plausible as time went on. I really enjoy stores where the main characters are already married, and this one has a very unusual slant involving the "innocent" dance lessons leading to so much more. Who knew the waltz could be so steamy???

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