Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Favorite Things

Today's blog is about a couple of my favorite recent purchases. Not books (the horror!!!), but related to my favorite genres.

The first item is the mug I drink my coffee, mochas, and cocoa from everyday. I first saw it on a Facebook picture from one of my favorite authors, Ellery Adams. I looked for it on ebay and found my favorite color, pink! Now you tell me, isn't this the perfect mug for a cozy mystery lover???

The second item I picked up just yesterday at my favorite place to buy western collectibles, Tractor Supply Company. I collect gingerbread men. Come Christmastime my house is filled with the little cutie pies, so what could be more perfect for a reader of western historicals than adorable pajamas featuring gingerbread men dressed as cowboys!!! I also picked up a fantastic illustrated book of Old West always comes back to books, doesn't it? LOL

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