Thursday, March 15, 2012

Murder Buys a Tshirt

Glory always dismisses ghost stories–until she inherits her great-uncle Louis's souvenir shop, where items seem to rearrange themselves and her pet parrot, Bluebeard, is suddenly uttering phrases he couldn't have picked up from customers. If Glory told anyone the shop was haunted, they'd think the fresh sea air has gone to her head. Then, at an end-of-summer party, local football hero Kevin Stanley dies, and the store starts to go haywire. Glory finally shares her secret with her best friend, who takes it seriously–and is convinced the ghost is trying to send a message. Kevin's death was no accident, and it's linked to Glory's very own great-uncle Louis. Now Glory must dig through the junk to find the truth, before someone leaves her with a deadly souvenir of her own.

This mystery, the first in Christy Fifield's Haunted Souvenir Shop mysteries, is as light and breezy as a day spent in the Florida sunshine. Parrot Bluebeard absolutely steals the show...can't wait to find out why Uncle Louis has chosen to communicate with Glory through his pet. I predict there is much to be learned about his life and how he died. I enjoyed spending time with Glory and her friends during their Thursday night dinners, especially the mouth watering traditional Southern dishes they cooked up! Can't wait for the next book in this fun series.

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