Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Outlaw

Sarah Hartford always dreamed of a grand adventure. She just never expected to find it in the arms of an outlaw.

When her father’s bank is robbed, Sarah doesn’t make the gunslingers’ escape easy. Putting her own safety behind those she hopes to protect backfires when she’s kidnapped by one of the escaping men. Now her only hope for survival lies with the same arrogant man who laughed at her while staring down the barrel of her gun.

Colton Avery spent months planning the perfect heist, every detail fine tuned and executed with precise timing. Nothing could go wrong. That is until he comes face to face with a determined woman holding a shotgun. She aimed at his head and never flinched when she took a shot at him. He wanted her the moment the smoke cleared and he saw her face.

Robbing the bank, and handing over the gang of notorious outlaws to US Marshals, would be routine and boring. Sarah Hartford made it anything but. Taming the woman who stole his heart the instant he saw her was a challenge he was more than willing to take on. All he has to do now is escape the gang of outlaws he just double-crossed, hideout from an Indian raiding party and elude the town marshal who just happens to be his little hellion’s new fiancé.

All I can say is Colt can kidnap me anytime. I love a western where a man and woman are alone on the trail together, and although this book isn't super steamy, the sexual tension between Colt and Sarah made my Kindle sizzle. I so enjoyed returning to the town of Willow Creek and it's residents--I was touched by Colt's father's reaction to Sarah, and appreciated the update on what's going on in Morgan and Abigail's lives (from The Lawman). Can't wait for book #3, The Gambler.

And I'm so excited to announce that the wonderful Lily Graison will be a guest on my blog this coming Monday, March 12. She has some wonderful book swag to give away to one lucky commenter!!!

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