Friday, June 15, 2012

Cat Cozy Spotlight: Alice Nestleton Mysteries

Have you read Lydia Adamson's Alice Nestleton mysteries? Probably not, as they were released back in the '90s. I collected most of them when I first started reading cat cozies about 10 years ago. Alice is an actress/cat sitter in NYC who of course also gets roped into playing detective. Here is a listing of the series in order:

The exciting news is Berkley is going to be republishing many of the books later this year in ebook format! An omnibus of the first two books in the series will be released October 2 in trade paperback and ebook, titled A Cat Tells Two Tales. I think I will be buying the trade paperback even though I already have the books...don't you just love the cover? The purple, the cat, the candles, the fireplace, the skull on the bookshelf! This is a great series that gets a second chance thanks to our beloved ereaders!

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