Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sundays in Bed With...#1

Just found this fun meme from Midnight Book Girl, asking book bloggers to share the book or books they're curled up in bed with today, or the ones they would be reading if only they had the time to stay in bed reading! For me, nothing is more perfect than lounging around in bed any day of the week with my fur baby and a stack of books. Unfortunately, I don't get much reading time until late in the evening when most people are already sound asleep (I'm a total night owl), but a girl can dream, right?

I'm currently reading Ellery Adam's Pies and Prejudice (the first in her new Charmed Pie Shoppe series), an early copy I received from the author. It's due out July 3rd, and I am absolutely loving it. Add it to your Wish List immediately!!! I can't wait to tell you about it later this week.

What are you reading this Father's Day Sunday?


Melissa Palmer said...

I can't wait for Pies and Prejudice.
I'm reading Pride and Pyramids for review.

Bittner said...

Pies and Prejudice does sound really cute! And the perfect book for a cozy weekend morning!

Have a great Sunday!

Kimberly @ Midnight Book Girl said...

I've only read one of Ellery Adams books so far but I did meet her at a B&N signing a few months ago. She was really nice and Kate and I chated with her and Lorraine Bartlett for a bit. Pies and Prejudice is a really cute title. Can't wait to read it!