Friday, June 22, 2012

Welcome, Eliza Knight/Annabelle Weston

I'm so excited to be interviewing Annabelle Weston today, who also writes as Eliza Knight. The first book in her Desert Heat series, Wicked Woman (reviewed here), is one of my favorite historical westerns of the past year. When I saw that the second book in the series was coming out this week, I eagerly emailed her to ask if she would answer a few questions for me, and she graciously accepted :)

And even better news for my wonderful readers, she's giving away a copy of Scandalous Woman (ebook form) to one lucky sure to leave your email address!!!

Tell us a little about yourself.

Hello! I write erotic romance under the name Annabelle Weston. Annabelle is actually the pseudonym for two historical romance authors, Eliza Knight and my uber-secret writing partner, Sarah. Annabelle’s books are a bit grittier and edgier than my typical stories, but definitely hot! They push the boundaries with every page.

How did you get started writing erotic historicals?

I’ve always written hot historicals (even in high school, Julie Garwood was my hero!). So delving into the erotic wasn’t hard, and in fact I had quite a bit of fun with it.

I love how the Desert Heat series revolves around the dollies of the Lonesome Saloon. What inspired the series?

Several years ago, my writing partner Sarah—crit partner at the time—contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in collaborating with her. She’d never written hot and I had. She wrote westerns, and I’d always wanted to try it. It was a perfect match, so we started plotting out the story for WICKED WOMAN. Many revisions and rejections later, we finally perfected the story and were offered a three book contract for the series. One of the hardest parts of two people writing a book is making the voice seamless--so it doesn't sound like two people wrote it.

What kind of research do you do to write your westerns?

Well, Sarah is always traveling out to the Wild West, so she does a lot of onsite research. There is a Wild West show near our beach spot that I visit every year, just to get in the mood, and I also do research online, listen to period music, read books in that genre and of course, watch old Westerns.

Are you a fan of western romance? Who are your favorite authors?

I do enjoy western romance. Julie Garwood’s For the Roses, The Clayborne Brides and Come the Spring were really good. I do also love the Lawless line at Ellora’s Cave, which is where the Desert Heat series is published.

If you could go back to one time period in history what would it be and why?

This is a very tough question, because I am obsessed with history… So, I am going to answer under the guise of Annabelle, and that would be to Tucson, Arizona. I’d twirl my parasol and walk the decks observing the town, then I’d head on down to the saloon like a good lady shouldn’t and drink some whiskey and sing some songs. I’d ride out of there on my horse and try to shoot the town sign :-)

What do you think is the sexiest time period in history?

In real life history, I’m not sure there was—the smells you see. But if you’re talking fashion, I love Renaissance fashion for women, and definitely 19th century American Western fashion for men!

What are you working on now?

Sarah and I have just finished and turned in the 3rdbook in the series, NOTORIOUS WOMAN. We’ll be working on edits soon. WICKED WOMAN, the first book in the series will be in print come the Fall, so that is very exciting! We have a novella idea in the works, but I can’t say more than that!

Thanks so much for allowing me to stop by and share with your readers!! I'd be happy to give away one ebook copy of SCANDALOUS WOMAN (Book 2 in the Desert Heat series).


Carly Buchanan knows who and what she is. She’s the owner of the Lonesome Saloon, a bawdy place in the harsh West where any man can have his darkest desires fulfilled—for a price. But life at a saloon isn’t easy. After hearing too much one night, Carly is caught in the middle of a deadly dispute. Now no-accounts are shooting up the streets, good men are dying and no one will do a thing about it.

Until he comes to town…

Sheriff Jeddah Poole is lethally serious about cleaning up Tucson. But he can’t stop thinking of Carly’s bright eyes and passionate nature…or the way her lush curves feel pressed beneath him as he takes her again and again and again. In a town on the brink, caught in a divine passion they can’t escape, Jed and Carly have only each other to rely on. And only their love can help them survive.


Jen said...


You typically write in the Medieval/Renaissance Period when writing historical fiction. Did you find it difficult jumping to a more modern era?

Can't wait to check this out! Sounds hot!

Eliza Knight said...

The first time around it was, mostly because of the language, I tend to have a more medieval voice, so switching to a more modern voice was a bit harder. Thanks so much!