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Merry Ex-Mas Blog Tour

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What would a woman do if she had to share the holiday with her ex-husband?

By Sheila Roberts

I love Christmas. It’s my favorite holiday. But I know that for many of us this time of year can be hectic and crazy.

It can especially get crazy when dealing with family. Although we all want that Norman Rockwell kind of holiday, sometimes family issues can make it more like a Mad Magazine holiday. Throw in dealing with exes and stepfamily and life can become downright stressful. I don’t have an ex (the only way my poor husband is going to escape is if he dies), but I’ve seen how tricky this can be watching other people deal with the challenges of sharing kids. I’ve watched one young family make the rounds on Christmas, eating three dinners in a day. Now, while I love the idea of getting three slices of Red Velvet Cake in one day, I have to admit I think that might be too much even for me. Well, at least for my hips.
Thinking about how challenging it can be making peace and goodwill toward men a reality over the holidays when dealing with former spouses inspired me to write “Merry Ex-mas”. I couldn’t help asking myself, what would a woman do if she not only had to share the holiday with her ex husband but if she had to share her house as well? Hosting your ex and his new wife for the holidays? Yikes! Throw in a Christmas wedding and, well, there’s enough chaos for anyone. So, that’s how I came up with one of the story lines for the book.

I also heard about a divorced couple that was stuck sharing their house until it sold. How awkward. How hard. What would happen if I stuck a divorced couple in the same house for the holidays? And what if they were still really in love with each other? How fun!

Needless to say, in this book, my characters have a lot to work out, and I had a great time helping them do it.

Of course, it’s easier to work out the problems of fictional characters than it is real life people. But in real life, I know it can be hard. So, if you’re bracing yourself for holiday stress, here’s my advice. Make sure you make time for lots of stress relief. Plan some silent nights where you can take a bubble bath, watch your favorite holiday movie or read a good book. We women get so busy taking care of everyone else at this time of year we sometimes forget about ourselves. You have my permission to give yourself a merry Christmas, too. I hope Santa brings you a whole sleigh full of chocolate!

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Sheila Roberts lives in the Pacific Northwest. She’s happily married and has three children. Her books have been printed in several different languages and have been chosen for book clubs such as Doubleday as well as for Readers Digest Condensed books. Her best-selling novel ON STRIKE FOR CHRISTMAS was made into a movie and appeared on the Lifetime Movie Network. Her novel ANGEL LANE was named one of Amazon’s Top Ten Romances for 2009.
When she’s not making public appearances or playing with her friends, she can be found writing about those things near and dear to women’s hearts: family, friends, and chocolate.
Her latest book is Merry Ex-Mas.

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Cass Wilkes, owner of the Gingerbread Haus bakery, was looking forward to her daughter Danielle’s wedding—until Dani announced that she wants her father, Cass’s ex, to walk her down the aisle. Seriously? Even worse, it appears that he, his trophy wife and their yappy little dog will be staying with Cass….
Her friend Charlene Albach arrives at their weekly chick-flick night in shock. She’s just seen the ghost of Christmas past: her ex-husband, Richard, who left a year ago when he ran off with the hostess from her restaurant, Zelda’s. Now the hostess is history and he wants to kiss and make up. Hide the mistletoe!
And bring out the hot buttered rum, because the holidays aren’t easy for Ella O’Brien, either. Ella, newly divorced, is still sharing the house with her ex while they wait for the place to sell. The love is gone. Isn’t it?
But watch as Christmas brings all kinds of surprises….
Merry Ex-mas, ladies!

Thanks to Dorothy at Pump Up Your Book for coordinating this tour!!!

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